Ugliness of religious conversion

A hindu woman couldn’t bury her husband, who has converted to islam without her knowledge. Instead he ws buried by the religious idiots. Cry for Malaysia.. there is no justice anymore.
husband ws converted when he was already completely paralysed from an accident in the army camp. Wife ws told abt the conversion when her husband ws in coma.
Wht is the rights of non muslim woman in Malaysia?
Earlier we hd a hindu Dr, who converted to islam( just so he could marry his Malay muslim sweet heart), divorced his first wife, then said tht he is converting the hindu children from his first marriage as well.The poor woman had to run away with her kids to another country. She ws shuttled from judicial court to sharia court. No learned judge could see common sense tht the woman was given custody of her hindu children when she obtained divorce and she can very well raise her kids in the faith they were born.
Now this poor woman, can’t even claim any inheritance from her late husband’s asset. Because according to islamic law, non muslims don’t hv any rights to muslim property.
Like i always said, malaysia is a beautiful country, run by idiots. Each day ethnic minorities are oppressed with more and more ridiculous rules.
There are not much choices. Migrate to another country.. atleast our children can hv a better future

Holiday tree

sitting in my living room and looking at the beautifully decorated tree I am wondering how in the world someone coined ” holiday tree” for the wonderful christmas tree? Who is on holiday, the tree or the idiot whose brain trying to be politically correct?
What exactly is political correctness? Changing the name from something to unknown makes it correct?
Even whn i lived in the middle east, my neighbours who are Muslims wished me merry christmas and the kids exchanged gifts. The same applies for eid/hari raya. Why do we complicate our life so much and makes things difficult? Why do we hv to be so picky? A tree is a tree and on christmas it is a christmas tree, and after christmas it becomes wood chips and end of story. I can’t call the christmas tree a holiday tree..It is silly.. What next? Mango becoming womango?Hey there is a man in mango, so we should be politically correct.
Remember the school holidays and climbing the neighbours womango tree and eating unripe womango with salt and red chilli powder?

Orang Asli of Malaysia

Orang Asli simply translated means original people, the custodian of the land of Malaysia. The rest of the world probably haven’t even heard of them. Unlike the native Indians of Canada, the orang asli are the forgotten people of Malaysia. They are uneducated, pagan worshippers who are best left to rot in the jungle. Because those who came to the land from the neighbouring archipelago, became more in numbers and suddenly became bumiputera..sons of the soil. They took over the land and now claim it as their own. Meanwhile the orang asli suffers, their children suffer mysterious illness and die. The land which is rightfully theirs have been given to timber tycoons who strip and rape the great rainforest of Malaysia, while the orang asli silently watch the destruction of their own habitat.
Now the majority bumi putera govt even converts the pagan worshippers to islam offering RM 500 and a few sacks of rice. Meanwhile the christiaan missionaries are also actively converting them to christianity.
Day before yesterday 300 govt enforcement agencies destroyed a newly built church. It was meant for the orang asli, built by them, funds raised by them. Demolished on the grounds that it was built on state ground. Some how the state has forgotten that the land belonged to the orang asli before the state ever came to existence.Irony is, should the building was a surau, no one would have destroyed it.In fact more money would have been given by the bumiputera govt to make a bigger mosque.
What is this thing about religious conversion? Why can’t people leave others alone? What is it that someone has to believe in Jesus or Allah. Why should we impose our religious values on others? What is wrong with worshipping the sun or the moon or the tree or whatever. The orang asli have survived centuries following their belief. Why should we change that, just because they were different from us. Hv we not taken enough from them already?

Bulgarian president’s Malaysian connection.

The president of Bulagaria has ordered all foriegn models like cindy crawford out of the country. Even the music that plays in the local radio must be approved by the president and 60% of the songs played must be local. This guy must be getting the hints from Malaysian government
One yoyo minister not too long ago came out with the rule that every 5th song played in all english music channel must be malay to promote racial integration.. ie after u listen to spice girl and britney spears then u hv a song that goes cintaaaaaaa akuuuuuuuuu…. Fortunately the rule evaporated like all other things in Malaysia

Then it was banning a Brad pit commercial, To save all the male Malaysians from inferiority complex.. Tht was the reason given by the minister who banned the commercial.

Most of the books criticizing islam never enters Malaysian shore, however walk through Masjid India in KL and you would see countless books written against the bible. I even saw a book with a title”sex in the bible” sold openly.
When majority rule over minority, freedom of religion and expression becomes the chief factor that can be used as a control. As long as you keep the dissent in a tightly locked cage, everything is quiet.. But history has taught us that nothing ever remains the same..time and again we have seen the dissent breaking out. We saw it in Paris, we saw it in Sydney.. when is it Malaysia’s turn to grab the headlines?

christmas of my childhood

Growing up in a Kampong(village) christmas ws a simple affair. If dad is home he would cut a branch of the casurina tree from one of those trees in the beach. Decorations were all home made. Mom cuts crepe paper in to long strips and we stick few together to make a long rope and roll it around the tree. Baubles too were home made. All through the summer months, we will be collecting sweet wrappers.Those shiny metallic ones. We wrap the cassurina seeds with the sweet wrappers. They were tiny, so we have to wrap a lot of them. It ws fun. If we are lucky, my parents would but ballons and we decorate the house as well.
There were never christmas gifts. I never got a christmas gift as a child. We were told tht Santa only delivers gifts to matsalleh kids(whites). besides, even if Santa came to Malaysia, there were not much chances tht we would get a gift, for there were no other kids in the whole country of 16 million(then) naughtier than us.
Still christmas holidays were full of fun. There were lots of nice food in all my friends houses. Lots of fruit cakes and cookies. Plus the joy of carol singing.

We hv a christmas tree this year. Kids made the decorations. They hv made some gifts for me at school and it is already under the tree. We went out for shopping yesterday. I wanted them to hv a new dress for christmas. 3 tops, 2 shoes and belt cost me 100CAD.(now i can understand why i never got any christmas gifts!!!!)
We still hvn’t done the christmas gifts part.(i can’t shop with the kids and then tell them tht Santa got it for them on christmas morning, can I?)
Somehow, even without the christmas gifts, i still think I hd a better time as a kid during christmas than my kids now. There ws a magic then, and much as I try to bring it back, it isn’t coming. Why is tht we hv so much technology and i just can’t recreate the magic of my childhood?

Wish list

I asked the kids wht do they want Santa to bring?(they still believe in Santa).. It was a moment of silence followed by an hour of negotiation between if u ask for this I will ask for tht and we will hv more stuff.In between they would ask me, if Santa still remember what all naughty stuff they hv done the whole of last year.. Ofcourse Santa remembers. Here is the Santa’s remembering list
1. son started my car, when i went to pay for the petrol
2.Younger one opened the car door while i was driving.(front seat hs no child lock and she pulled the lock lever and opened the door, while sitting in her car seat, this happend on NS expressway
3. The same child kicked my gear in to N while i was hitting 110 on the way to Kuantan..
4. They unleashed their pet rabbit, which chewed every single electical wire in the house
5. Older one bathed the younger ones and powdered them, while still wet.. looked like the hungry ghost…
6. They cut the b’day cake i baked for them before the actual birthday
7.They mercilessly woke their mother at 5AM on all public holidays
8.Older one brought the nastiest flu bug from school and passed it around and the bloody virus mutated and rotated among the family..
9. They hid my car key and played hot and cold when i ws already late for work.
10.they spilled their milo on the couch on a daily basis
Santa is still merciful, till she saw their list.
Alamak… these kids hv expensive taste..
girls want barbie.. wht they see in tht malnourished anorexic imp is beyond me, besides they already hv 10 different barbie..under the barbie, there is also a list for brat doll.. In case if Santa is in a super good mood, they don’t want to miss the opportunity
Boy wants a train set, which he knows he won’t get..well he received 7 train sets in his 6 yrs on planet earth and he broke each and every one. He will settle for a crane set, construction set, hot wheels, cars, bikes…etc
younger one wants a bed of her own.. she currently sleeps with her big sister, who thinks she is a clock needle and makes a full 360 degree turn, during the course of night.

Touched by a little angel

How often do we meet a true angel in life?
When we came to Vancouver, we knew life isn’t going to be a bed of roses. We hd to start from the scratch. It ws harder for the kids. They hd a pretty good life in Malaysia. Of all the things they missed, the most unforgiven one was tht i gave away most of their toys in Malaysia. Especially their soft toys..collection of over 8 yrs. They hd teddy bears of all sizes and shapes. Shipping was too expensive and i was delusional enough to think tht i could buy the same toys here in Vancouver. Little did i know it would be tooooo expensive here.
Yesterday a little child of 2 yrs gave up a substantial amount her soft toys so my kids would hv some christmas cheer. In a world, where most children live by the motto of “I want”, this little girl knew to give. She hs never seen my kids. she never expected anything in return. How often do we give something to others without expecting anything in return? Isn’t tht what giving is all about? If only we could keep giving like this little girl, this world would be a better place..

Rock christmas cake

My mom ws a lousy cook. It is a well known fact. Basically I learned to cook, so we could hv something edible. Mom’s idea of a meal ws porridge.. and chuck in to the porridge anything tht is left over meat and vege and things like tht. One christmas mom decided to bake a christmas cake. Dad ws home too from his overseas trip. So it ws more like a big project, christmas cake to impress the husband..
My dad ws smart too..He said he didn’t feel like eating a fruit cake tht year.(economic decision.. wasting a kilogram of raisins and almonds!!!) he wanted a simple plain cake.
Mom decided to follow my grandma’s recipe for a simple cake. It is called a 123 cake.1 cup sugar, 2 cups butter and 3 cups flour. the most simple recipe. Since there is no soaking of fruits involved, mom decided to bake the cake on christmas eve.
Our entire family gathered for the christmas dinner.cousins and aunts and everyone. We hd a roast chicken(we the girls cooked..not mom)and mom brought the plain simple christmas cake. When i looked at the did look a bit ws half the size of normal cake. And she tried to cut the cake. It ws a rock cake.No one could cut the cake. Mom made a simple cake with cornflour.

Goodness gracious it ws a malay woman!!

Recently there ws a big issue of a MMS clip showing a woman police officer making a woman detainee strip and do naked ear sqaut. It ws said tht the woman in the photo ws a chinese national. Now they say, it ws a malay woman..our own..malaysian muslim woman. Jeez this is bad.. really bad.
We the islamic country of Malaysia, who hv
1. arrestd muslim women who participated in a modelling contest(arrested for showing the aurat during the swim suit event!!!)
2. Tell our women over and over how to dress. One chief minister even fines our muslim sister’s if she doens’t wear the head gear!!. and if she is a repeat offender, she even hs to attend religious classes, for the devil hs been working with her and making her a rebel..
3. censor magazines with pictures of breast
4. even articles and pictures self examination of breast for breast cancer hs been torn from women’s magazine
5. Big signboards in children’s library saying how mother’s should dress when they bring their kids to library(no shorts of any kind!!!)
Now our police di raja of Malaysia can actually strip and search our own people. Worst, some yoyo police guy with a video phone could even take pictures of it, to satisfy his voyueristic desires.Aren’t we the official hippocrites? And we made loud noice abt the Abu gharib fiasco… reminds me of the speck in my eye and the stick in their eye..