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I asked the kids wht do they want Santa to bring?(they still believe in Santa).. It was a moment of silence followed by an hour of negotiation between them..like if u ask for this I will ask for tht and we will hv more stuff.In between they would ask me, if Santa still remember what all naughty stuff they hv done the whole of last year.. Ofcourse Santa remembers. Here is the Santa’s remembering list
1. son started my car, when i went to pay for the petrol
2.Younger one opened the car door while i was driving.(front seat hs no child lock and she pulled the lock lever and opened the door, while sitting in her car seat, this happend on NS expressway
3. The same child kicked my gear in to N while i was hitting 110 on the way to Kuantan..
4. They unleashed their pet rabbit, which chewed every single electical wire in the house
5. Older one bathed the younger ones and powdered them, while still wet.. looked like the hungry ghost…
6. They cut the b’day cake i baked for them before the actual birthday
7.They mercilessly woke their mother at 5AM on all public holidays
8.Older one brought the nastiest flu bug from school and passed it around and the bloody virus mutated and rotated among the family..
9. They hid my car key and played hot and cold when i ws already late for work.
10.they spilled their milo on the couch on a daily basis
Santa is still merciful, till she saw their list.
Alamak… these kids hv expensive taste..
girls want barbie.. wht they see in tht malnourished anorexic imp is beyond me, besides they already hv 10 different barbie..under the barbie, there is also a list for brat doll.. In case if Santa is in a super good mood, they don’t want to miss the opportunity
Boy wants a train set, which he knows he won’t get..well he received 7 train sets in his 6 yrs on planet earth and he broke each and every one. He will settle for a crane set, construction set, hot wheels, cars, bikes…etc
younger one wants a bed of her own.. she currently sleeps with her big sister, who thinks she is a clock needle and makes a full 360 degree turn, during the course of night.

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