Touched by a little angel

How often do we meet a true angel in life?
When we came to Vancouver, we knew life isn’t going to be a bed of roses. We hd to start from the scratch. It ws harder for the kids. They hd a pretty good life in Malaysia. Of all the things they missed, the most unforgiven one was tht i gave away most of their toys in Malaysia. Especially their soft toys..collection of over 8 yrs. They hd teddy bears of all sizes and shapes. Shipping was too expensive and i was delusional enough to think tht i could buy the same toys here in Vancouver. Little did i know it would be tooooo expensive here.
Yesterday a little child of 2 yrs gave up a substantial amount her soft toys so my kids would hv some christmas cheer. In a world, where most children live by the motto of “I want”, this little girl knew to give. She hs never seen my kids. she never expected anything in return. How often do we give something to others without expecting anything in return? Isn’t tht what giving is all about? If only we could keep giving like this little girl, this world would be a better place..

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