Rock christmas cake

My mom ws a lousy cook. It is a well known fact. Basically I learned to cook, so we could hv something edible. Mom’s idea of a meal ws porridge.. and chuck in to the porridge anything tht is left over meat and vege and things like tht. One christmas mom decided to bake a christmas cake. Dad ws home too from his overseas trip. So it ws more like a big project, christmas cake to impress the husband..
My dad ws smart too..He said he didn’t feel like eating a fruit cake tht year.(economic decision.. wasting a kilogram of raisins and almonds!!!) he wanted a simple plain cake.
Mom decided to follow my grandma’s recipe for a simple cake. It is called a 123 cake.1 cup sugar, 2 cups butter and 3 cups flour. the most simple recipe. Since there is no soaking of fruits involved, mom decided to bake the cake on christmas eve.
Our entire family gathered for the christmas dinner.cousins and aunts and everyone. We hd a roast chicken(we the girls cooked..not mom)and mom brought the plain simple christmas cake. When i looked at the did look a bit ws half the size of normal cake. And she tried to cut the cake. It ws a rock cake.No one could cut the cake. Mom made a simple cake with cornflour.

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  1. Lol, my mother in law does the same thing. She can cook a meal in a matter of minutes! She would come to the kitchen, put the pan on the stove, look at veggie or meat in the fridge…and after few minutes, voila! Er, “dinner”.
    She can make anything with anything. My husband says he never gets hungry when his mom cooks. I used to worry when it came to dinner time (when i was staying with her); she gave me the creeps.
    I still feel the same now, thats why every time we visit her during the weekends, i’d either cook or Tris and i would go out.

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