Goodness gracious it ws a malay woman!!

Recently there ws a big issue of a MMS clip showing a woman police officer making a woman detainee strip and do naked ear sqaut. It ws said tht the woman in the photo ws a chinese national. Now they say, it ws a malay woman..our own..malaysian muslim woman. Jeez this is bad.. really bad.
We the islamic country of Malaysia, who hv
1. arrestd muslim women who participated in a modelling contest(arrested for showing the aurat during the swim suit event!!!)
2. Tell our women over and over how to dress. One chief minister even fines our muslim sister’s if she doens’t wear the head gear!!. and if she is a repeat offender, she even hs to attend religious classes, for the devil hs been working with her and making her a rebel..
3. censor magazines with pictures of breast
4. even articles and pictures self examination of breast for breast cancer hs been torn from women’s magazine
5. Big signboards in children’s library saying how mother’s should dress when they bring their kids to library(no shorts of any kind!!!)
Now our police di raja of Malaysia can actually strip and search our own people. Worst, some yoyo police guy with a video phone could even take pictures of it, to satisfy his voyueristic desires.Aren’t we the official hippocrites? And we made loud noice abt the Abu gharib fiasco… reminds me of the speck in my eye and the stick in their eye..

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