Irregularly Irregular

One of the things I learned in med school was the funny terms we used to describe things. One such thing was irregularly irregular. the pule could be regular, regularly irregular and irregularly irregular.

The next few months will be rather chaotic. I need to get my life in order before I am deployed to the field. I also teach at two Unis. ( three kids in Uni and need plenty of money) and I am doing my PhD,

Now, let me talk about my PhD, which I am doing it full time. I have to provide regular updates and usually 24 hours prior to update time, I work like there is no tomorrow.. it is sort of like putting out the fire for a while. So although I am on a full time work load, I only work on my PhD when I need to put out the fire. During the Christmas break, I wrote the confirmation document, which was approved 🙂 The point I am trying to make here is, PhD is not a big thing.. if you can cope under enormous pressure ( this regular report back you need to do) and are not overtly ambitious to be the recipient of the next Nobel prize, you can do it. I just want a PhD and at the rate in which I am going, I should have it 24 months from today. Not bad eh? (also, if you are an Aussie, make full use of citizenship and do your PhD. You don’t have to pay tuition fees and can do it for free. You can also apply for Scholarships, which I didn’t because there is a restriction for the number of hours you can work)

Ah, the irregularly irregular bit.. with so much going on personally, professionally and all other ‘lly’ blogging won’t be that frequent. unlike the previous time, I am not taking a hiatus. I will try to blog at least once a week. As many of you know I am a creature of habit.. I work on a schedule and don’t do well if things are not planned. Because the teaching schedule varies, there is no one day I can set aside for blogging. But this is only for a short while. When I am deployed, I will only have one job and don’t have to run between two unis.

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