My children’s Uni has cancelled all in person classes and exams and made everything online.

At this moment, I think it is very unlikely that Yaya’s graduation ceremony will go ahead in June. ( Wuhan has been in Quarantine for well over 7 weeks and the potential for reemergence is still high… hence the continuous quarantine)

Australia is already lagging behind testing and tracking potential cases (Meanwhile, India is doing a pretty good job at the moment)

My kids have just enough food to last the next couple of days. ( Food items are sold out in the groceries near them and Costco has a queue that is 2 hours long, which increase the risk of exposure)

I need to bring them home before Australia imposes further travel restrictions.

I don’t want them to have a stopover in a third country, because if they as much as have a slight fever, they won’t be allowed to fly …

My son had a very bad pneumonia when he was young which has resulted in lung scarring… and I am not willing to take any more chances.

Just when I thought my life is all settled, here we are.. more stressed than needed.

PS. As a public safety announcement… please wash your hands. I was taught by the head nurse at my hospital to sing the full twinkle twinkle little star twice ( which will make it around 45 seconds) when I was doing the hand wash routine before surgery

You really don’t need to worry about hand sanitiser. ..Good old soap and good scrubbing is all you need. Wash your hands, scrubbing for 45 seconds, don’t put your hands in your eyes, nose and mouth. And if you can, stay away from the elderly.

Stay safe

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