paranoid and obsessed

I ws with my friend yesterday. her son’s bestfriend’s gf ws there too. The girl bought a snow ski stuff for her bf. it is a huge snow board ski shoes and the like. So discussion came as to where to keep it. The girl said she would hide it in the boy’s parent’s bedroom. So my best freind got all worried.. wht if the boy enters his parents bedroom?? Wht if he decides to hide the gift he bought for his gf in his parents room? Then they thought she would keep it in my friend’s house. She w then worried abt wht is someone steals it from her house, how can she buy an insurance for it for just 2 weeks etc.
So it went.. the worries.. How often we worry abt unnecassary stuff?
I am not paranoid, but i hv obsessions. I like things organized in a certain way. bottles arranged according to their heights and labels facing front. Edges of Towels must be straight. forks and spoons in their holder facing the same direction. I don’t force any one to follow my rules, but i will straighten things if it wasn’t kept my way. wht i really don’t understnad is why must i hv the coffee and sugar and creamer in tht order in the cupboard? Why not sugar and creamer and coffee. Even if i am not making coffee, and if i saw tht someone hs changed my arrangement, I would still arrange it my way. Do u hv obsessions?

Talibanizing Malaysia

This morning I woke up thinking what am i doing here, getting myself frozen, when i could be having a nice plate of nasi lemak and a hot cup of teh tarikh in the market near home in KL?
I know i did run away from Malaysia. It was the only way. As a child I remember having open house for Christmas and mom used to make halal food for our Muslim bretheren. She even hd two different types of christmas cake.One for us, with lots of rum and one halal with no alcohol. We even borrowed cutlery from our malay neightbour. It was fun then. but over the years, fanatism has creeped some where. the same malay neighbour’s kids now with their own kids won’t come to our open house. The people i grew up with, suddenly became strangers. Now they are least bit accomodating. My other non muslim neighbours too hv problems. One ws told she can’t take her dog out for a walk infront of another neighbour’s porch. It is still the public road, but u can’t walk on the road with ur dog. Can u beleive the audacity of someone fighting with another for walking her dog in the main road? She even told my nonmuslim neighbour, if u r not happy, leave Malaysia.
I beleive my family was accomodating to the muslim bretheren’s belief. But it looked and felt like we were forever on the giving side, and finally it became something like we should be happy with our second class citizenship and shouldn’t bother complaining and shouldn’t expect any leeway from the muslim side. This philosophy can be seen in every aspect of Malaysian life. How can i raise my kids the same way i hv been taught tht”I am neither above someone nor below someone” How am i going to answer them when they ask why are we treated this way, when we pay the same tax like everyone each and every year?
My aunt who is a foreigner married to a Malaysian ws once told to convert to islam so she would get a Malaysian citizenship, instead of struglling to renew her social visit pass every six months and being allowed to work.
I hv a friend whose mother has been in Malaysia for the last 47 years and still not given a PR. Her husband passed away few years ago, and she went to the immigration department to change the status. She was living all the while under her husband’s sponsorship and now tht he is no more, she wanted to change the status so her kids can sponsor her. The friendly immigration officer “serve with smile ” tag on him suggested tht since her kids are big and her husband is no more why not go back to her own home country?? Then you see indonesians landing in Malaysia with a PR, all because they are muslims
Islam is everything in Malaysia. For years I hd no problem accepting tht. I hd no problems offering halal food to my neighbours,i hd no problem when my employees disppear for the better part of friday afternoon on the pretext of attending prayers.I hd no problems when the muslims parked every where on friday afternoon and not given a summon. I hd no problem when they started to teach islamic civilization at school. I still accepted all the muslim holidays and even took my annual day off from work to celebrate good friday. I hd no problem with the loud prayer broad cast 5 times a day. But it became a problem when i ws given a summons for parking by the side of a small slip road on good friday near my church. I hv a problem when my church ws told they can’t build a new church. although the land still belongs to church. I hv a problem when i hv to tick my religion in every single application, and and it became a stage tht i hv no rights as a non muslim. I am made to feel obligated to the citizenship tht was given to my great great grandfather. now I don’t hv to live with someone telling me to leave if i am not happy in Malaysia. The rot hs set in.. We are talibanizing Malaysia…once the melting pot of waiting to explode

Dream interpretation

I am known to hv slept through an earth quake(6 on ritcher scale!!). I woke up to find the whole town in a buzz of activity and only realized i slept through a major earthquake, after my frantic mom called me to find out if i am alive…
I also don’t hv the ability to remember any of my dreams. many years ago my Singaporean room mate used to talk to herself before going to bed,saying something like” I want to know wht my inner self is speaking to me, so i want to remember my dream”. She even kept a dream journal.
I just didn’t hv the patience or the interest to learn more about my innerself. Think about it, I don’t even know me, and how would i deal with the innerself and all the other complications attached to it..
The problem now is, the last 2 months I hv been having dreams. Not night mares. I keep dreaming that someone is dying. sometimes people i know, sometimes people i don’t even know. I also see this huge river( 10 times bigger thn sungei Klang and cleaner too) and lots of big cute fishes. Wht irkes me is tht I am not upset with the death part.. I am normal casual self. So this is kind of perplexing. Why am I dreaming death? Why am i so calm when i see death.. and which river is this?
Any suggestions??

the nastiest 6 days of my life

Earlier I hd posted about how my land lord ws cutting corners and saving the heating cost. Winter has been strong the last few weeks and he was forever shutting off the heat. The worst ws whenever his grand chilren visited, he would switch on the heater. I requested many times and he kept telling me to wear more clothes.. portable ws not working any more and inside the house the temp ws hovering around 16 to 17 degrees and i hd enough. Kids were falling sick and I looked for a new place and found one. I gave the notice on Nov 25th. He and his daughter strated yelling at me. They wanted one month rent in lieu of me moving out on the 1st. Although they were clearly at fault by not providing me with the heat, i felt it is ok to pay them the rent.( the owner is an old man and is probably living off on the rent.. call me a sucker who feels sorry for others). They had 350 dollars deposit and all i hd to pay ws another extra 90 to pay until the 24th of december. No.. they don’t want tht. They want me to pay the whole rent again anf then they will refund the 350..Tht really wasn’t making sense. I hd no guarentee tht they would pay me the money back.. so it looked like i would pay tht 600 plus 350. I hd no intention to do tht and I told them I won’t pay. As I am moving out on the 1st december, I will only pay the additional 90 to top the 350 they already hv in their hand.
I could never imagine the abuse i hd to endure from the 25th to the 1st. His daughter came home and called me a bitch. She said she will take me to court. She wanted to throw me out. She ws under the impression tht as a newly arrived ignoramous I don’t know the rules and regulations. My rights were simple. I don’t hv to live in a place with substandard heating and I told her the same. She then reached to the personal level of abuse saying tht i am a slut because i wear shorts at home. In my entire life i hv lived in 7 countries, including UAE. and never one i heard tht wearing shorts at home ws an offence.
I didn’t want to fight because i couldn’t bring myself tht low.. but she went on. I called the city council and found out from the city council tht I am staying in an illegal unit, it had no firescape and the wiring for the place is substandard(the reason why my microwave was always struggling)and I hv the right to move out. When she started harassing me over the phone I told her, i hd called the city council and this wht they told me.. her abuse became even more.. I hd no choice but to move out tht day. I hd few Malaysian friends and we moved out with their help the same day. aWhen we were shifting our stuff she came out and started yelling tht she ws throwing us out. tht I am a bitch, a slut and the other 100 things.
I learned my lesson
1. never rent a place from Indo canadians
2. Always make sure tht i can control the heating
3. always find out if the unit u r renting is a legal/illegal one
4. look for fireescape
5. check the vents and make sure they are working before renting out. Don’t ever assume tht they would work..
6. Buy my own patch ASAP.. just incase if anyone needs to buy an apt in KL let me know.. I guess there is no point keeping my place in Kl and suffering in Vancouver.

Human life currently costs RM 5000 or 1200USD

An 18 yr old kid lost his life after someone slashed him with a sickle. He ws taken to a private hospital immediately. Alas as usual in Malaysia, money talks.. the kid’s uncle didn’t hv RM 5000 at tht moment and the hospital refused to treat him.
The procedure for any wound tht bleeds profusely is the same. explore the wound in the ot and stabilize. Time is precious..
So wht would u do to the dr who denied the treatment and the hospital tht has such a policy tht money first before treatment?
Wht is even more ironic is the kid who lost his life is from a very rich & affluencial family. His parents work for the Prime minister’s dept. He studied in the international school( for those uninitiated, average Malaysian Joe can’t send their kids to international school.. because u need a special permit and it is only given the kids of the prime minister etc)
This is not the first time this has happend in Malaysia. 2 yrs ago I remember the same thing happend to an accident victim in Penang who ws denied emergency medical care because he didn’t hv money on him and this won’t be the last time this happen.
How can a country treat its own kind like this? Is money everything? Wht happend to ethics and oath?
As a doctor I am glad I left Malaysia. I hv seen enough..