I am so happy

My older two got distinction for IB ( International Baccalaureate) and also had a very good SAT score. They also did a great deal of extra curricular activities and had a very impressive resume, So I was not worried about them getting admission to the top Uni’s.

My youngest on the other hand, spent most of her grade 11 and 12 laying down on her bed and watching Netflix. She even quit her part time job when she was in grade 12, so she could concentrate on her studies 🙂

Many times, I thought I should step in and talk to her. But then again, I felt she needs to learn to take charge of her own life. I knew how this story was going to end and I felt let this be a learning opportunity for my youngest.

Just as I expected, she scored pretty badly for grade 12. ( if you look at global stats, average IB score is 32 and she got 35, so it isn’t that bad, but she is the smartest of the three of them and could have got a better score if she worked for it.

I was very worried that she may not get admission to any of the top Uni’s with her IB score ( She is guaranteed a place in U of Melbourne and U of Queensland though)

She finished her work at 5 a.m. this morning and I went to pick her up. When we got back home, as I was putting the lead on the dog to go for our normal walk, she came and said very non nonchalantly ” oh, btw Mom, I got admission to the Uni and for the degree I wanted to do”

Phew !

And so, my job is done. Seriously.

4 thoughts on “I am so happy

  1. What an incredible achievement! I remember the early days of your blog when you were a struggling single mom with 3 small kids. How far you have come!

  2. your blog has grown (up) and matured and also has become more relaxed, reflecting your present mental state. And it has been quite a journey. If these blogged essays had been made into a book it would have been another God Of Small Things. Keep writing.

    • Lekha: Indeed. There is a sense of calm.. if I die today, I will go knowing that I lived my life to my terms) and achieved all that I set out to. Now the only thing left is to buy a boat and sail around the world. Which I intend to do in 5 years. (I have saved enough money to buy a boat, but I need to work 4 more years till my youngest Graduate from Uni)

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