Lady in the moon

I was reading Ada Blackjack’s story ( written by Jennifer Niven)..
In it there is a Inuit fable about lady in the moon.
The story about a girl falling in love with a guy from another world..His rejection, her struggles and her choices, her travel to the moon and her stay with the lady of the moon. It talks about her homesickness and how she longed to go back to her home. The lady of the moon finally helps her to get back to earth..
In the end she comes back to the place where she was born.. but nothing remained there. Her parents were long dead. her house had gone..
I keep thinking of going back..yet I know there is nothing there to go back to..

I would do anything !!

Absolutely anything for some spicy food!!
I am staying with my friends and today I actually scavenged my friend’s pantry and found a bottle of Cajun seasoning..
it was like manna from heaven !!
There was nothing I could actually use the cajun seasoning on.. so I made scrambled egg and practically doused it with cajun seasoning..I felt rather sick at the end of the meal (the cajun seasoning had seen better days, exp date on the bottle was 2001!)
So right now.. as I type this.. I really really really would love to have a bowl of Kanji, some payar thoran and a bowl full of the hottest spiciest mango pickle..

I am so bloody drunk…I am not even sure why I am trying to blog something when I am drunk.
It feels so good finally to just sit down and enjoy a bottle of vodka.
Tonite I don’t have to worry about drink driving
I don’t have to worry about what my children will think of me
I don’t actually have to worry about anything.. it has been so long since I felt that way..
So here is a cheers..
Tonite I shall drink myself to oblivion..and tomorrow when I have the worst hangover.. I shall tell myself.. it was worth it.. I hope i shall survive

Cross !!!

My maternal grandmother had done a cross stitch entirely using sugar beads. It was a Georgian cross with the words “Bear the cross and win the crown” at the bottom. I must have been about 4 years old when i saw it. I couldn’t read english and asked Chechy to read it for me. She did. But then she wouldn’t tell me what it meant. I hate not knowing something. I begged and pleaded with my sister to tell me what it meant, the more I begged, the more she refused. There was no one else to ask. ( I could never go to Amma and ask, she felt I was too nosey!!)

This morning I was thinking of my maternal grandmother. I know I never wrote much about her. She was a very tiny woman with a big heart. I remember her letting me use her lap as a slide ! She never complained. Not once. She took whatever came her way in her stride.

It is odd that I thought of her in my moments of despair. Even more odd that I thought about that cross stitch I have not seen for the last 35 yeara.

I guess what i am going through right now is my cross. Mine alone and I must bear it. How I wish i could just run..
I don’t need a crown.
Never did
But I do wish i have the strength to carry this cross.

I will be Away until the end of this month

When you love

When you love someone, you are allowing yourself open to unimaginable hurt. Sometimes it is so very painful..
There is absolutely nothing worse than loving someone and then not knowing if he would allow himslef to love you in return. If he will take that chance to trust and believe that you won’t hurt him.