I would do anything !!

Absolutely anything for some spicy food!!
I am staying with my friends and today I actually scavenged my friend’s pantry and found a bottle of Cajun seasoning..
it was like manna from heaven !!
There was nothing I could actually use the cajun seasoning on.. so I made scrambled egg and practically doused it with cajun seasoning..I felt rather sick at the end of the meal (the cajun seasoning had seen better days, exp date on the bottle was 2001!)
So right now.. as I type this.. I really really really would love to have a bowl of Kanji, some payar thoran and a bowl full of the hottest spiciest mango pickle..

2 thoughts on “I would do anything !!

  1. Susan: My friends don't eat Indian food and even if I volunteer to cook, there is absolutely nothing NOTHING I can make it here..They don't even use oil, because frying anything is unhealthy..
    I am not being ungrateful..My freinds are really nice people.. it is just that I miss eating something spicy

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