Human rights in Malaysia

some how the word human rights hv morphed in to Malay rights in Malaysia, and in the process lost the meaning.

Wht is human rights
when muslim can buy a property for 7 to 10% discount and non muslims will hv to fork out the entire amount?
the rule is meant to enable the poor muslim bretheren to own property.. some how his rich bretheren is also getting a discount, meanwhile the poor non muslim hv to just curse his bad luck or fate..
getting a job..
all over the world there are policies ensuring tht ethnic minority gets some respite finding a job. In Malaysia, ethnic majority, ie the muslims gets 30% reserved for them. ie every company must make sure tht atleast 30% of their staff is muslim
importing a car
muslims gets speacial permits to import cars tht they then sell to non muslims at a higher rate
University education
the 30% quota even applies to University admission. Unfortunately it is not restricted to the amount of grey matter in one’s head. Many highly intelligent non muslims are sidelined each year with one excuse or the other, while the muslims are getting admission with hardly an average grade.
rights of worship
According to the constitution, non muslims hv equal rights.. but when it comes to religion, u can’t hv a bible in malay, lest all our muslim bretheren converts!! It is not an issue tht 30 yrs kids hv learned malay in school and tht some christian kids does need a malay bible.
u can’t hv a church/temple in the state capital of Shah alam.
average every 2 km there is a mosque or surau in the housing enable our muslim bretheren to pray. But the non muslims.. oh they are not going to heaven anyway.. so why bother building places of worship for them.. infact muslim enforcement officers demolish hindu temples.. ofcourse they were built without a license.. which muslim bretheren is kind hearted enough to grant the license?

Malaysia is a beautiful country run by idiots, who hv been elected to power by idiots. How can there be human rights in Malaysia when they treat 40% of the population as dirt..

Clowns of Malaysian Parliament

Mr Noh Omar, deputy minister of Internal security has just won the award for making an ass of ordinary Malaysians.
He has advised the foreigners who think tht Malaysia is becoming a police state can go back to their home country.
Does he even know wht he is speaking? Malaysia depends on tourist dollar. We hv nothing else to offer other than what the mother earth hs bestowed us. What else does Malaysia hv tht can bring in money? Here we are telling the world tht, visit us if u may, but if the cops catch u and humiliate u, it is too bad. Like the cigarette ad.. u should know wht u r getting in to.
Wht about the rest of us Malaysians who think the police forces are getting out of control? Should we leave as well.. I am not surprised if he tht ningkampoop said yes to tht too, another clown hd recently said in parliament tht those races tht are not happy can leave Malaysia.
Wht exactly is pak lah doing? Wake up pak lah.. u r losing control.. those under u seem to be running the country.. sorry, they are destroying it..


Once in a while we meet some one truly remarkable. Anges was one such person. She ws my patient when i ws working as a O&G resident. I remember her first visit. She came to the clinic with her 3 kids( all boys) and husband. she ws already in late 30’s. The first thing she told me was. I hope this baby is a girl.. The whole family has been praying for a girl. Each appointment the entire family came along. The kids used to make so much of trouble. As a young single Dr, then, I never understood why this woman can’t get her kids to behave. The older one played with practically everything on my table, the youngest was always crawling under my table and the middle one was jumping from the father’s lap to the mother’s. Our clinic was very busy most of the times, and i was getting a bit tired of the kids running around and creating a ruckus.Yet never once i saw anger on Agnes face. She always told me” Dr… this is just a stage..swoon they will out grow “. The husband and wife ws so much in love. You could see tht in their eyes. They were always together, smiling and holding hands.
I soon discovered tht Agnes hd placenta previa. We admitted her to the hospital when she ws 7 months pregnant. Each morning, when I do my rounds, she would great me so cheerfully, some times, she would ask her family to bring an extra packet of food, and would give it to me when i leave after my evening rounds. some how she knew, most days i never hd time for lunch. Soon there ws some sort of friendship happend between us. I looked forward to her greeting each morning. Her kids made paintings for me. it ws hard for Agnes laying down in bed all day. She missed her family and i started borrowing books from the library for her. Sometimes after i finished my work I would visit her, talk to her. I hv never ever found a patient who hd more positive attitude thn her. She saw the rainbow after every storm. She told me there is a reason for everything. She told me how she cherishes each moment. She ws the only one of my patient, who didn’t want to know wht her baby’s sex is. She wanted tht to be a surprise for everyone including her.
I remember the day she hd her C’ section. I ws happy, because in my own way I felt I ws a good Dr, because she carried the baby to the term. I didn’t do the surgery, because it ws a high risk case. She went to the OT smiling and joking. She even got her husband to bring the sweets to the hospital, her only takes 40 mints for the surgery and he won’t hv enough time later to go and buy the sweets.

Agnes never woke up from the anaesthesia. She hd a baby girl.I lost a friend
Agnes, may u rest in peace

My most funniest moments of working in the hospitals

This happend in my rural posting.
Small hospital,
over worked under paid doctors,
hardly any funds
and poor patients
and a new intern with lots of ideologies…read me

My first patient was one elderly gentle man with STD. Normally we would send the patients back with some potassium magnate solution and advice to keep the area clean( hey this ws way before they invented anti viral Rx). This guy was a bit old and hd secondary bacterial infection.I felt sorry for him. I managed to get a small tube of anti biotic cream from my consultant, after a lot of haggling and begging and promise of 2 hours extra duty on sunday. I gave it to the patient and explained the dose and the rest.
The next morning as i entered my clinic, the same guy was there, he wanted more medication and i asked him wht happend to the one i gave u yesterday.. he told me “aiyah doctor, it was not even enough for one application”. Now you hv to know tht all the doctors working there, start their day with a meeting in our room and they are all watching this. I asked the patient, wht do u meant it was not enough for one application,( besides i saw how long the item in considertaion the previous day when i examined him)
The next dialogue from the patient was the classic. “aiyah doctor. like u told me I washed my body and applied the medicine. it was just enough for my legs”
I hv never seen my consultant laugh so much..and i wanted the earth to open up and swallow me live, not enough i had to do extra duty on sunday!!!

Malaysian Atrocities

Somehow I was under the delusion tht my country is a great place to live. When the photos of Abu gharib was shown earlier this year, i felt disgusted. Jeez how could they do tht to ordinary civilians. I ws even more upset, because the atrocities aginst prisoners were committed by women. being a woman I couldn’t understand how could they even do tht. May be i hd a jaded view of my own feminine instinct and values.
This morning I logged on to read my home news paper and I saw the images of a chinese national lady, stripped and doing ear squat in front of a woman police officer in Malaysia. I am in shock. This happend in my country, tht is supposed to be one of the most developed nation in Asia. We hv educated people. How did this happen? How did we stoop so low? How long has this being going on? Why didn’t we ever know what was going on in our prisons?
To all those people who hv been abused in Malaysian prisons, I am so sorry tht my country did this to u. I am so sorry, we failed to grant u basic human rights. I am sorry for being delusional and think tht my country is the best. I am so so so disgusted.
Pak lah.. Shame on you.. U r our prime minister. We voted you to power. this happend right under ur nose. Do u still think u can govern?

Mom nearly got arrested

Now here is the back ground. My mom is obsessed with gardening and keeping things neat and clean. We( my sisters and I) would keep our fingers crossed and pray hard tht she won’t steal any plants/seeds/shoots from our hostel garden.Imagine the horror of her getting caught and the embarrassment we hv to face.
All my life I hv known If mom is not in the house, she is in the garden( if not in ours then at the neighbour’s stealing plants!!!)
Currently she is with my sister in Auckland. My sister bought a new house recently and mom has been busy making the best garden in NZ. She and my brother in law spend weeks clearing and hacking and all the stuff associated with gardening. Eventually there was a huge pile of garden refuse. she got my brother in law to bundle them up and put it on one corner of the garden, away from anything tht can catch fire and both of them lit a nice camp fire, just like we do in our kampong.Burn all the crap mah..

After all the hard work, My brother in law had a nice bottle of chilled corona, mom had a lemonade(don’t know if she mixed vodka in it though). They sat on the patio, watching the fire.only to have the serenity interrupted by the flashing lights and sirens of the fire engine and cops..

Well apparently it is illegal to burn stuff in NZ. And my wonderful KIWI brother in law didn’t know tht too. Cops warned mom, if she does tht again, she would be arrested and will hv to pay a huge fine.
Any way to cut a long story short, Mom is in shock, she never expected to be interrogated by cops. not at the age of 70( ok ok.. if mom ever reads this, i will be six feet under and pushing up daisies… she is going to be 70 soon)
My sister freaked out, chewed mama’s and her husband’s head.
And me.. I am relieved.. if she visit Canada, i can safely take her to the parks.. She probably won’t do any more gardening.

How much do u love?

Each morning i drop the older one to school. It was very cold this morning and I was cursing. She was her sweet kind self and she asked me how much do you love me mama? And i responded, much more than anything in the world. Which ofcourse is nothing but the truth. She asked me taller thn the mountain.. And i said yes
Then she trurned around and asked me how much do you love urself mama? Wow, tht question stunned me, cause i hv no idea how much i love myself. Well I don’t even know if i love myself.
I don’t hv much complaints abt me. I am like a rolling stone, goes along the flow of the river. Not too ambitious. Hate shopping. Can wear the same clothes for 10 years and still wearing. I am just me.. but do I love myself? Do u love urself?

Reading and censorship

I still don’t understand, why couldn’t we hv lots and lots of books available in Malaysia? I hv been to the national library 2 times. it was so disappointing. They even censor books there. No vilence and sex and romance.. Then there is this thing about timing. God alone knows when the library is opened and when it is closed. They have changed their schedule so often tht even they themselves don’t know the time. Then there is this dress code. Come on.. Why should we impose values on others?
In KL, my daughter’s (private) school was still organizing their library.. ie they hvn’t sorted the codes and so the library is not opened. The school is over 8 years old!!!
Here kids get a new book every day at school. public library is opened from 8.30 AM till 9 PM in winter and till 5.30PM in summer. They can borrow 30 books /person for 3 weeks. And I no longer hv to buy any books. All the novels and magazines I want to read is available in the library. Believe me, it is a pleasure to read a magazine with woman’s breast not disfigured by the ugly censor’s black ink all over it.

Why is breast a big issue? Every man drank his first drink from there.. Why is it an isuue having a woman’s breast picture on a magazine? U hv advertisements on shampoos, shoes, women in nice sexy bra.. why blacken only one picture? I think the govt has a problem, not the people. They assume a man gets turned on seeing the breast picture and then what? He would run across the street looking for breast action?
It is really possible tht the religeous zealot who made tht rule “{ tht all breast must be blackened} is probably the sicko who gets turned on with such pictures and hv decreed tht no breast.. even in women’s magazine.
And we hv a country with the highest number of incest in the world.. So who needs censorship?
Allow people to read… We already lost a generation of malaysians by the language switch, now we are creating another generation of ignoramous bunch

White Rock

20 Km from where I stay is white rock. It is like what is batu ferringhi is to Penang. It is the most beautiful beach i hv seen here. Clean and neat. There were tons of restaurents. Kids even had home made ice cream.( which ofcourse they couldn’t finish and i get to eat them as well!!!!)It was abt 2.30 PM..Sun was shining and I was taking a mind trip to Penang. The only thing missing was a bowl of cendol.
Kids and i decided to walk and never in my dreams have I imagined tht I would be walking on the beach, fully clothed and few jackets too on and the sun is shining and I am shivering.. My beach vacation has always been swim suit and sun screen and finding the shadiest spots.. here I am begging the mighty sun to send some powerful rays down and keep me warm.. Damn you never appreciate wht u hv till u lost eh?

Canadian experience

I came to Canada knowing very well how discriminatory they are when it comes to finding a job. I hv a Dr friend, who is working as a cab driver. An engineer friend with a master’s degree from UK, worked in a chocolate factroy roasting cashew nuts. Believe me this guy was earning more than 14,000RM/month in KL. After roasting cashews for 8 months he finally found a job as a junior engineer(he has 18 yrs of experience) working under a Canadian guy with 2 years of experience. I hv another friend with MBA working in a furniture showroom selling mattress.
Although no one pointed a gun on my head and forced me to migrate, and aware of the discrimination, i was still in denial. Somehow it made me feel tht I would find a job. Tht is odd, it probably stemmed from the fact tht I always hd a job.
Since coming to Canada, i hv applied for so many jobs tht I hv lost count. Either I am overqualified or my degree is not recognised.
If I am ever given a chance, I would make”no Canadian experience” term discriminatory.
Meanwhile I am abt to start a job roasting cashews.