White Rock

20 Km from where I stay is white rock. It is like what is batu ferringhi is to Penang. It is the most beautiful beach i hv seen here. Clean and neat. There were tons of restaurents. Kids even had home made ice cream.( which ofcourse they couldn’t finish and i get to eat them as well!!!!)It was abt 2.30 PM..Sun was shining and I was taking a mind trip to Penang. The only thing missing was a bowl of cendol.
Kids and i decided to walk and never in my dreams have I imagined tht I would be walking on the beach, fully clothed and few jackets too on and the sun is shining and I am shivering.. My beach vacation has always been swim suit and sun screen and finding the shadiest spots.. here I am begging the mighty sun to send some powerful rays down and keep me warm.. Damn you never appreciate wht u hv till u lost eh?

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