Malaysian Atrocities

Somehow I was under the delusion tht my country is a great place to live. When the photos of Abu gharib was shown earlier this year, i felt disgusted. Jeez how could they do tht to ordinary civilians. I ws even more upset, because the atrocities aginst prisoners were committed by women. being a woman I couldn’t understand how could they even do tht. May be i hd a jaded view of my own feminine instinct and values.
This morning I logged on to read my home news paper and I saw the images of a chinese national lady, stripped and doing ear squat in front of a woman police officer in Malaysia. I am in shock. This happend in my country, tht is supposed to be one of the most developed nation in Asia. We hv educated people. How did this happen? How did we stoop so low? How long has this being going on? Why didn’t we ever know what was going on in our prisons?
To all those people who hv been abused in Malaysian prisons, I am so sorry tht my country did this to u. I am so sorry, we failed to grant u basic human rights. I am sorry for being delusional and think tht my country is the best. I am so so so disgusted.
Pak lah.. Shame on you.. U r our prime minister. We voted you to power. this happend right under ur nose. Do u still think u can govern?

7 thoughts on “Malaysian Atrocities

  1. Give Pak Lah a chance. Though he has the mandate from the rakyat, he hasn’t had the full authority in the government as yet. In fact, his hands are tied, because not many politcians want to rock the comfortable boat of incompetence (and corruption). Some people have said that Pak Lah probably needs a full term to consolidate his political support base, before enacting the type of changes we want to see in our country.

    Moreover, it is good to see more people appearing on the newpapers for corruption then during the Mahathir era
    (and the many problems inherited; M is talking a lot again to protect his reputation and in a way partly undermining …). There is a lot that needs to be changed and improved in this country, but sadly, they are too few people of moral integrity…and much less those with enough political influence and will to uproot the entrenched systems of govermental ills.

  2. okiee, well, time will sink in to ya juz how diff over there compare to here.

    hey, i did arrive at Edmonton around the sametime… around November. Is this your first winter? ever?


  3. Joec > Neh.. suffered many a winter in England.. tht was a tad easy then.. had the MAFA(mother and father) scholorship. Now on my own feet and

    Dreamer> I think pak lah is fast losing the ground. We hv rafidah still in the cabinet. Since DrM is departure, wht exactly hs changed in Malaysia? Economy is on downward trend, corruption is on the upward trend, Dr. M is still talking..nothing changed.

  4. yo immigrant, it’s easy to just criticize and condemn. Try becoming a political leader in your kampung for starters. Come home and contribute, instead of shooting hate blogs from afar.

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