My most funniest moments of working in the hospitals

This happend in my rural posting.
Small hospital,
over worked under paid doctors,
hardly any funds
and poor patients
and a new intern with lots of ideologies…read me

My first patient was one elderly gentle man with STD. Normally we would send the patients back with some potassium magnate solution and advice to keep the area clean( hey this ws way before they invented anti viral Rx). This guy was a bit old and hd secondary bacterial infection.I felt sorry for him. I managed to get a small tube of anti biotic cream from my consultant, after a lot of haggling and begging and promise of 2 hours extra duty on sunday. I gave it to the patient and explained the dose and the rest.
The next morning as i entered my clinic, the same guy was there, he wanted more medication and i asked him wht happend to the one i gave u yesterday.. he told me “aiyah doctor, it was not even enough for one application”. Now you hv to know tht all the doctors working there, start their day with a meeting in our room and they are all watching this. I asked the patient, wht do u meant it was not enough for one application,( besides i saw how long the item in considertaion the previous day when i examined him)
The next dialogue from the patient was the classic. “aiyah doctor. like u told me I washed my body and applied the medicine. it was just enough for my legs”
I hv never seen my consultant laugh so much..and i wanted the earth to open up and swallow me live, not enough i had to do extra duty on sunday!!!

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