Clowns of Malaysian Parliament

Mr Noh Omar, deputy minister of Internal security has just won the award for making an ass of ordinary Malaysians.
He has advised the foreigners who think tht Malaysia is becoming a police state can go back to their home country.
Does he even know wht he is speaking? Malaysia depends on tourist dollar. We hv nothing else to offer other than what the mother earth hs bestowed us. What else does Malaysia hv tht can bring in money? Here we are telling the world tht, visit us if u may, but if the cops catch u and humiliate u, it is too bad. Like the cigarette ad.. u should know wht u r getting in to.
Wht about the rest of us Malaysians who think the police forces are getting out of control? Should we leave as well.. I am not surprised if he tht ningkampoop said yes to tht too, another clown hd recently said in parliament tht those races tht are not happy can leave Malaysia.
Wht exactly is pak lah doing? Wake up pak lah.. u r losing control.. those under u seem to be running the country.. sorry, they are destroying it..

3 thoughts on “Clowns of Malaysian Parliament

  1. Typical of m’sian politicians, never fails to shove their own foot into their mouth, then apologize afterwards…. to think that they are voted into office, what a bunch of cowboys.


  2. I am greatly pained and feel hopeless that the future of Malaysia lies in the hands of self-seeking, conceited and good for nothing politicians (still grateful for the few good ones). If more such politicians appear (there are too many already), Malaysia is headed down the drain…down, down.

  3. and worst is we the non bumi are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Vote in the clowns or vote in the fanatics or leave the country for good. The racism in Malaysia, if unchecked can bring much more damage as the time goes.. it is a waiting bomb, about to explode.
    I think Noh ws trying the same dialogue as the other idiot.. u keluar….but he didn’t know it only work internally to push the non bumi’s to the corner

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