Orang Asli of Malaysia

Orang Asli simply translated means original people, the custodian of the land of Malaysia. The rest of the world probably haven’t even heard of them. Unlike the native Indians of Canada, the orang asli are the forgotten people of Malaysia. They are uneducated, pagan worshippers who are best left to rot in the jungle. Because those who came to the land from the neighbouring archipelago, became more in numbers and suddenly became bumiputera..sons of the soil. They took over the land and now claim it as their own. Meanwhile the orang asli suffers, their children suffer mysterious illness and die. The land which is rightfully theirs have been given to timber tycoons who strip and rape the great rainforest of Malaysia, while the orang asli silently watch the destruction of their own habitat.
Now the majority bumi putera govt even converts the pagan worshippers to islam offering RM 500 and a few sacks of rice. Meanwhile the christiaan missionaries are also actively converting them to christianity.
Day before yesterday 300 govt enforcement agencies destroyed a newly built church. It was meant for the orang asli, built by them, funds raised by them. Demolished on the grounds that it was built on state ground. Some how the state has forgotten that the land belonged to the orang asli before the state ever came to existence.Irony is, should the building was a surau, no one would have destroyed it.In fact more money would have been given by the bumiputera govt to make a bigger mosque.
What is this thing about religious conversion? Why can’t people leave others alone? What is it that someone has to believe in Jesus or Allah. Why should we impose our religious values on others? What is wrong with worshipping the sun or the moon or the tree or whatever. The orang asli have survived centuries following their belief. Why should we change that, just because they were different from us. Hv we not taken enough from them already?

2 thoughts on “Orang Asli of Malaysia

  1. Tell that to the stupid Govt of Malaysia… the Malai kwai, good for nothing racists, fanatics of islam called the Anti-Christ.

    The holier than thou gangs of Mat Rempits and you know wat? They’re even more Arabs than Arabs themselves. Hypocrites and social wastes. Why can’t they be like the Amalekites and their existence forever ceased from earth? Sigh…

  2. Wow, so many hatred for the Malaysian Muslims I see. Somehow, by calling one a racist you have potrayed yourself to be even more racists..If you hate a country so much, move on, move away from the country. Dont burry yourself in your own depression…

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