Bulgarian president’s Malaysian connection.

The president of Bulagaria has ordered all foriegn models like cindy crawford out of the country. Even the music that plays in the local radio must be approved by the president and 60% of the songs played must be local. This guy must be getting the hints from Malaysian government
One yoyo minister not too long ago came out with the rule that every 5th song played in all english music channel must be malay to promote racial integration.. ie after u listen to spice girl and britney spears then u hv a song that goes cintaaaaaaa akuuuuuuuuu…. Fortunately the rule evaporated like all other things in Malaysia

Then it was banning a Brad pit commercial, To save all the male Malaysians from inferiority complex.. Tht was the reason given by the minister who banned the commercial.

Most of the books criticizing islam never enters Malaysian shore, however walk through Masjid India in KL and you would see countless books written against the bible. I even saw a book with a title”sex in the bible” sold openly.
When majority rule over minority, freedom of religion and expression becomes the chief factor that can be used as a control. As long as you keep the dissent in a tightly locked cage, everything is quiet.. But history has taught us that nothing ever remains the same..time and again we have seen the dissent breaking out. We saw it in Paris, we saw it in Sydney.. when is it Malaysia’s turn to grab the headlines?

One thought on “Bulgarian president’s Malaysian connection.

  1. yeah, it works both ways. We have books that condemns the Quran too. I guess to make peace is better to not rub salt onto the wound right? Why be like the others who simply love to condem and put down? Why not be more proactive and have a positive mind?

    And really, have you listened to the music channel in Hong Kong? Like any other countries with multiple races and language, they too have to play a cantonese song every hour or so on english radio station.

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