Ugliness of religious conversion

A hindu woman couldn’t bury her husband, who has converted to islam without her knowledge. Instead he ws buried by the religious idiots. Cry for Malaysia.. there is no justice anymore.
husband ws converted when he was already completely paralysed from an accident in the army camp. Wife ws told abt the conversion when her husband ws in coma.
Wht is the rights of non muslim woman in Malaysia?
Earlier we hd a hindu Dr, who converted to islam( just so he could marry his Malay muslim sweet heart), divorced his first wife, then said tht he is converting the hindu children from his first marriage as well.The poor woman had to run away with her kids to another country. She ws shuttled from judicial court to sharia court. No learned judge could see common sense tht the woman was given custody of her hindu children when she obtained divorce and she can very well raise her kids in the faith they were born.
Now this poor woman, can’t even claim any inheritance from her late husband’s asset. Because according to islamic law, non muslims don’t hv any rights to muslim property.
Like i always said, malaysia is a beautiful country, run by idiots. Each day ethnic minorities are oppressed with more and more ridiculous rules.
There are not much choices. Migrate to another country.. atleast our children can hv a better future

2 thoughts on “Ugliness of religious conversion

  1. Tell me how when one doesn’t holds a PR, not rich, nor a business person and do not have relatives staying overseas?

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