My children have school holidays and have been spending a lot of time at my friend K’s house. ( the one who took 10 years to finish medicine). Each evening when I pick them up, I ask “So what did you have for lunch?”

Before I proceed, I must tell you that I always felt that children must eat  three proper meals ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) and spend a considerable amount of my  time and money to follow that notion.

Most of the days, my kids had a smoothie for lunch( which they made by themselves), occasionally a snag on a slice of bread or a salad. Kids swim in the pool, go to the park and play soccer etc and when they are hungry, they go to the kitchen and make themselves a smoothie and they are all happy. My friend took time off from work  and caught up on  her reading:) instead of slogging in the kitchen. This was something I could never do. I would feel guilty if I had not cooked a proper lunch/dinner.

Perhaps, I got it all wrong. I was sweating for the small stuff.


Sometimes you learn how much better your children are compared to you

Like me, my children love music. Yaya has been collecting music from grade 4. She now has few thousand songs on her external hard drive. Most of the songs are from Library CD’s that she borrows and copies. Her brother being the lazy person wants to borrow Yaya’s external hard drive and copy the songs instead of going to the library and go through all those hassles. Yaya has been adamant that it is her collection, she worked hard to get them and is not willing to share it with her brother. I find that attitude appalling.

For me, it is just songs and there is no harm in sharing them. If we are going to demand proprietary rights to everything because we worked hard, then this world is going to be one tough place to live.

So, few days ago, while my son  and I were in Yaya’s room  ( we always play some pranks on Yaya  every time she goes on long trips, this time we decided to use post it notes to decorate her entire room) I noticed her external harddrive on her table.

I told my son

“You should download the songs, before your sister returns”

He shook his head and said “No Mom, That is not ethical, she told me she doesn’t want to share the music and I accept her decision, I don’t want to cheat her”

Moments like this are the most precious..