Trust and Control

I like long distance driving as it lets me listen to music and think, and think I did.

I was trying to figure out why is that I can leave two teenagers at home on their own and why my mother couldn’t.

I think I finally found the answer.

It has to do with two things. Trust and control

Amma felt the only way she could trust me was to control everything about my life. She planned, formulated and controlled every single thing in my life. be it what I ate, wore or who I talked to.

Where as I don’t control my children’s life. I accept them as individuals and trust them. I trust that I raised them well and taught them what is right/wrong.

I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet at home. Both baby and my son have a credit card with a pretty decent credit limit. There is no one to check what they are doing.. they could host as many parties as they want to, drink all the alcohol and spend all the money.

They don’t.

Because we trust each other. They trust me to be a good mother  and I trust them to be good kids. and all is well.

4 thoughts on “Trust and Control

  1. This post is culmination of many many years of work as a parent and a person.
    You must be extremely proud of yourself. If not, you should be.

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