Book and the cover

We were classmates in Australia.

We avoided each other like plague. He thought I was an itch with a B and I thought he was an arrogant B#*tard. We were meant to do a project together and I told the Prof that if I would rather drop the subject and face academic penalty than do a project with this guy.

He and I both won the Summer research scholarship at the Uni and we still refused to talk to each other. Supervisor in charge of the Scholarship knew that both of us  were heading to Manila and tried to make us contact each other. We ignored the introduction email from the supervisor and refused to write to each other.

Imagine my shock.. walking in to my dept on my first day at work and find him sitting next to my desk. We looked at each other and shook our heads. It turned out that we were also living in the same apt complex.

Few days after I arrived someone organized a trip to a burger place and he came to me and told me that he checked the restaurant website and that the place do serve vegetarian food. (He remembered from one of the classes we attended together, I had requested for vegetarian food)

Every Tuesday, we attempted to kill each other because we had to make a power point presentation and he and I couldn’t agree on anything. And in the evening we  walked back home together.. silently seething.. and it would last few days..

Park across my apt has live music sessions every weekend and we had to agree to temporary truce, so we could go and listen to music. and back to murder spree on Tuesday.

He made sure, if I had to work late, there was food for me, or when I had to go to country office that I had a ride back home.. He even came to the Gurdwara with me to eat food.

He went back home yesterday.

This morning I had to write a SitRep and after I wrote it and I almost sent it to him for review.. although I would never agree to any of his critical judgment of my report and argue till the cows came home why I am right and he was wrong, I kind of missed the fact that he wasn’t around. There was a sense of surety that my work was up to a certain standard after he had reviewed it.

It isn’t very often that my initial judgment was proven wrong.

But this one was wrong. He wasn’t an arrogant person I thought he was. Perhaps, I should remember “never to judge a book by the cover”






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