How to get yourself killed: A quick guide

So, I decided to drive from Manila to Hundred Islands. Google map said it is only 245 km from here. What no one told me is that, there are no signboards anywhere to direct you and most of the roads are single lanes teeming with reckless bike riders, bike taxies with sidecars and  jeepneys that stop wherever and whenever they want in the middle of the road.

I started out at 6:30 a,m. and by 9 a.m. I had only done 80 km. I was getting tired of the constant breaking and not being able to pick up the speed. There was a bus in front of me and I hate following a larger vehicle as I can’t see the road ahead and have to rely on the bus driver’s instinct for me to evaluate the hazards ahead. So, I decided to overtake him.

Time and again, I told my children about why they should never overtake from the wrong side. I noticed there was a little shoulder on the right side and throwing all cautions to the wind, I decided to overtake the bus from the right side, just about the same time, the bus driver decided to turn to the right and stop to let the passengers disembark. I was already accelerating to overtake and when I stepped on the brake, I thought this was life was going to be over… I swear I have a guardian angel. There was probably a cm between my car and the bus when the car stopped after I braked.

Of all the things I have ever done, this would top the list as the most stupidest. I am 45 years old for crying out loud!


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    • Karthik: I found a boatie, who took me in a tiny sampan to less crowded areas.. and I swam for a while.. trekked to highest point and watched the sun set.. it was beautiful

  1. Hey Sarah,how r u .Since u at Manila I wonder if u stop at Kl hehehe?. Would love to meet u anyway have fun . Nov 21 I’ll be in Vancouver .I would like add u on fb n what’s app if it’s ok .

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