A classmate of mine is also doing the same internship at WHO and he arrived a month before me. This morning as we entered the WHO building, all the security guards greeted me and I greeted each of them by their name ( there are a lot of them as WHO-WPRO is currently hosting the Regional Committee meeting.) Sometimes, I work till late and one of the security guards would always walk me home, even though it is not part of their job description.

This greeting process continued with the staff at the café. On Monday, I had mentioned to the Chef that it is Thanksgiving day for Canadians and when I was leaving work, the security guard gave me a Bento box of food. Apparently it was my Thanksgiving treat from the chef.

And as we climbed up the stairs, the director of another dept stopped me to have a chat.

Eventually my classmate quipped, my goodness, you know everyone here.

It is true.

I am a firm believer of being nice to everyone.

I also want to make full use of my time here and network. After all, “if you don’t go after what you want, you have to live with what you have” It is my own quote and I believe in it totally.

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  1. Also having a smiling face when you greet everyone. Geneva was the first time I was really travelling to a city in a western nation (I had just been to Dubai before as a trip outside India). And one thing that reflects in their life is the way they even greet you. Always a smiling face. It spreads positive feeling.

    My friend was saying about his experience in Copenhagen where he went on deputation. Every time, he used to see people with smiling faces. No wonder Denmark is on the top of happiness index among nations!!

  2. Sarah,

    …”nice to everyone .” Yes, you are. I especially appreciate the way you take time to respond to each and every comment. Thank you for doing that .


  3. I agree Sarah!

    Don’t let anything stop you from going for what you wish. If you get the chance, go for what you strive! I’m glad you have this mindset and happy to see you are accomplishing for what you strive for.

    I’d love to be part of WHO one day too ! 😉

    • J1289: Start with the internship. Make sure you PHF (Personal History form) is top notch and it gets easier to get a new posting based on that

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