Yaya left for her solo backpacking trip to Europe..

The first morning after she left, I woke up and went to the kitchen and while waiting for the water to boil to make my tea, I took three lunch containers out to get the school lunch ready.. and then I remembered..

I still set four plates for dinner. I think it was easier to add more plates as the family increased in size with the birth of my son and the youngest than to reduce the number of plates.. Now there are three people occupying a 6 seater table.. In 18 months, the count will drop to 2.. and in 3 1/2 years there will only be one..

Fortunately I do have a large circle of friends and they rallied around to help me..

Before Yaya left, few of them offered valuable advice to Yaya.. Places to go, things to do etc..

One caught my attention more than anyone else. He showed a video of him and a friend at various party venues.. The first was at a swimming pool.. one person giggling like a monkey and does a perfect backflip and the other  looking petrified and does a perfect belly flop.. Giggling monkey was high on weed and the petrified was on MDMA. Then there was another one where the giggling monkey running around screaming about snakes chasing him.. He was tripping  on ‘Shrooms.. My friend brought video evidence to tell Yaya about the dangers about drugs.. apparently the worst drug to consume is ‘Shrooms as you are not in control when you trip and have no idea what you will do to yourself.(btw, both the guys in the video are doctors, one is an emergency med resident and the other is a paediatric resident)

I was a bit worried about Yaya thinking about the type of friends I have.. but then again.. why would I pretend to live in a sanitised world in front of my children, when the reality is so different?



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