So, Yaya has been travelling around in Europe.. She was meant to send me a message every evening before going to bed. But I knew she won’t. When she went to Spain, she send me one email in 4 weeks and that too because she wanted more money. It was a little better when she went to Mexico. She sent me two emails.. First to say she arrived, second to ask me which Tequila I wanted. (Patrón Añejo, my favourite)

Since she left Brisbane, there were couple of days she messaged me on FB and that was it.

I am not a control freak parent. So, even though she doesn’t send me a message, it doesn’t really bother me. Because I know she will contact me if she needs me..

Two days ago, while watching a movie marathon with my youngest in the middle of the night as we were the only two at home, my phone rang. My heart missed a beat..and I picked up the phone to hear my child crying..and in that few seconds I imagined all the things that could go wrong.. It took a few minutes to calm her down to get her to tell me what is wrong.. It turns out that she got lost in the London tube network and missed her connecting flight to Rome. Her flight was leaving at 2.20 pm and she was still in the train at 2.20. I told her to go to the airport and talk to the airlines, for sure, they will rebook her flight..

I called British Airways helpline and after waiting what felt like a life time I spoke to someone with an Indian accent who gave me another number to call.. which wasn’t working..

Yaya finally reached the airport and spoke to the airlines staff and they rebooked her for the next morning 7 AM flight. Which meant she needed a place to stay for the night that is close to the airport, as she needed to be at the check in by 4 AM. Again back to crying.. .(She is only 18 years old and has not yet had a chance to experience all the lemons life can throw at you, so it is natural that her first response is to cry)

I checked all the hotels near Heathrow.. They were all fully booked. Sitting so far away in Brisbane and alone, I really didn’t know what to do  I decided to call my best friend who happened to be attending a conference in India at that time and fortunately had his phone on. I told him what is happening and he said to give him 10 minutes. An hour later, two strangers whom I have never known, but who were colleagues of my friend, went to the airport, fetched Yaya and gave her a place to stay and then dropped her to the airport at 4 AM.

Few things happened with this event.

One, my child has learned that whatever happens, wherever  she is, I am only a phone call away and that I will always be there.

Second, She has learned that even the best laid plans can go awry and she needs to take a deep breath and think what is the next step instead of crying.

Third, when you are in crises, have a little faith, there are people out there who will step up and help you.. even strangers.. this world is full of good people..

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    • MS: I walk myself to point of exhaustion.. Every time I feel miserable, I take my dog and go out for a walk.. (it also helps me catching Pokémon!!!)

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