This was a post I should have written last week. Didn’t have time..

And now, let us have the drum roll please….

I have completed my masters and graduated with a GPA of 6.5/7.

If you have ever dreamt of going for further studies, let me assure you that it is possible. I probably was one of the oldest students in my class and it didn’t matter.. When my classmates who are half my age complained about how hard their life is, I had to laugh..because while they only had to worry about writing their assignments before deadlines and where to go and eat, I not only worked part time, but also took care of my kids and did a million taxi rounds,dropping and fetching them from various activities.

Unlike studying for MBBS in India, studying outside was really a walk in the park. No rot learning, no nasty Professors with hidden agendas. So long as you did your work, you get a pretty good grade.

It felt so good to wear my gown and walk up to the VC and collect my degree..

I am happy..

16 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Congrats Sarah… having tried to do a long distance course while working full time, I can imagine the stress you must have gone through… So, a double applause for the GPA

  2. Congrats!! This is awesome…Now you can catch pokemon, walk, read novels until wee hours in the morning, worry about the kids silly and cook! minus assignments!!
    Enjoy and bask in your success. You worked very hard for it.

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