My children, my strength

I have always had a very open relationship with my children. When I met him the first time, I told my kids about him. They met him a month later. There was really no need to hide a guy in my life from my kids.

They adore him.

Few years ago, I had thrown away my son’s very expensive BMX bike. I had told my son over and over that if he kept leaving his bike on the lawn and getting it wet in the rain, then I will throw it away. My son didn’t think I would do it and I did it. He was devastated.

Before he left, he gave my son his bike. (He knew the story of what happened to the BMX). It is a very expensive bike and my son was on cloud 9. Yesterday, my son sent him a mail attaching a photo of the bike near a Brisbane river bicycle path, with the beautiful river as a background !

Couple of days ago, Ywrote to him about her travel plans and asked his opinion and he replied back and told her the places she should visit. (She will be staying with him in Barcelona)

My youngest talks to him  on FB.

In a way he is still very much a part of our life..yet I feel so miserable..Going to the city yesterday was tortuous, it hurts so much to not have him physically here… and I don’t think I can handle 4 years of separation..

8 thoughts on “My children, my strength

    • Nimmy: In 4 years, my youngest will complete grade 12 and leave home. My responsibilities are over and am free to do what I want. So hopefully, he will wait that long..and then perhaps we will live together…wherever life takes us.

  1. Four years…. That’s too much of a time to not have him in your llife…. Waste four beautiful years?. No way,… Life is too short….

    • Jismi: 4 years is a long time.. for me and for him. But if we are meant to be, we will be together.. as for me, I found my mate.. and am not looking for anyone… either I live a life on my own, or it will be with him. There won’t be anyone else.

  2. You’re children are definitely your strength, especially in times like this.
    It’s one beauty of having children, especially when you need them.

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