Yaya accompanied me for grocery shopping last weekend. Before we left, my son reminded us to buy peanut butter.

“Mom, can we please buy crunchy peanut butter?” She asked while grinning.

“Only If you can deal with the consequences” I replied

And we bought crunchy peanut butter.

The deal we have at home is that, when I get back home after the grocery shopping, whoever didn’t accompany me for shopping has to take the stuff from the car and put it away. In this case, my son and my youngest.

I noticed Yaya whispering something to Baby and she too was grinning.

And I waited…in the kitchen..even though I really wanted to lay down in my bed and read the book I was reading before I went to do the grocery shopping.

It didn’t take too long.

“Crunchy peanut butter, you bought crunchy peanut butter, how could you? You both had one job to do and that is to buy smooth peanut butter”

I wish I recorded my son’s lividity. He was red and fuming. He was even more mad because both his sisters and his mother were laughing so much.

He likes to have a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and absolutely hates crunchy peanut butter. He has had a hatred for crunchy peanut butter ever since he was a toddler.

He huffed and he puffed and we laughed..

Little while later, he came and lay down next to me.

“Mom, did you realize that I spent my entire life until now with Yaya?”

I never thought of that.

“That is true” I replied

“When she goes to Uni, who will buy crunchy peanut butter just to annoy me?”

It was a question with no answers.

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