My youngest loves Kesari bath.. I usually make a batch of kesari in the weekend for her, and  she eats it for brekkie. There have been times, she came to my room in the middle of the night to tell me that she is really craving for Kesari and would I make some for her? (She can’t roll the letter R and it sounds like Kesali)

The kesari we had in Bangalore always came in orange colour and I too  added orange colour (saffron)..Till one day Yaya asked

“Why should the Kesari be orange in colour? Why not blue?”

I didn’t have an explanation why kesari always came in orange and explained perhaps in the beginning people might have used saffron. But it was really exciting to make something unexpected kind of joy from something so mundane..

And so we started making Kesari in all sorts of colours.. pink, purple, blue, green.. Current version is deep blue. (yes, I am aware food colours are unhealthy..)

Yaya then remembered how her grandmother used to tell her the story of the fox that fell in to the dye left in a bucket(Neelakurukkan). Amma used to let Yaya pick the colour of dye in the bucket and every afternoon we had the same story, but different colour fox.

Unfortunately, my youngest hardly remembers my mom..

Today I wish, if only life had a different path….

4 thoughts on “Colours

  1. Don’t you wish life had taken you a different path than the one you are currently on at times, however circumstances prevent it and we choose a path to prevent ills and some toxic ppl we have to endure. Was Yaya close to your mom? Seems like and I can tell you wish Baby would know her.

        • J1206: You are missing the point.. When I said I wish, I didn’t mean that I was dreaming a different outcome. I am very aware of the choices I made and don’t regret the outcome. I needed to protect my children from my toxic family and don’t regret one bit that I did what I had to do.

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