Yaya booked her flight ticket to Europe. She chose the countries she is planning to visit, how she is going to get there and where she would be staying. She has been reading about all the backpacker accommodations, reviews etc and have been booking her accommodation.

She plans to spend two weeks in London and take the train to Paris and spend a couple of days there. Then she is flying to Rome from London, travel to Florence, Milan and Venice. From Venice, she is heading to Barcelona and spend the rest of her holidays (and make occasional trips to south of France) there and then fly to US.

Except in Barcelona, she will be alone during her travels.

She is not known for keeping in I don’t really expect her to let me know where she is or how the trip is getting on.

On one hand I am terrified .. of the all the things that can go wrong.

On the other hand, I know I raised her well and she can handle herself well..

Hardest part of being a parent is this fine art of balancing the art of letting go.

8 thoughts on “Europe

  1. Relax Sarah !

    You’ve raised three wonderful kids! It’s normal to feel terrified as it’s normal with all mothers, but Yaya is capable now to handle herself and navigate her way through. That’s how we all learn, don’t we? :). It’s part of the preparation for adulthood :p

  2. Sarah,
    I too extend best wishes to Yaya and you. However, one line of your post lines haunts me: “Except in Barcelona, she will be alone during her travels.” Terrified is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings at that prospect. At the least, I’d like to hear that she was going with one, two or three other young women. I’ll stop here as you get the gist of my thinking.

    May Yaya have a wonderful, educational and safe experience !

    Paul Naves

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