Tomorrow, I am going to Melbourne. It was his Christmas gift to me. I had always wanted to see a platypus in the wild and even though Tassie is known to have a lot of platypi, we didn’t get to see a single one. Lake Elizabeth in Victoria is supposed to be a platypi habitat, so he felt it would be an ideal gift for me.

He was away and would arrive in Melbourne tomorrow morning. When he comes to pick me up, the first thing he will do is to carry my backpack. He will open the car door for me and on my seat  there will be a packet of Tyrrel’s kettle cooked chips and a bottle of water. He would tell me, He knows Tyrrel’s is my favourite chips and bought it for me because he knows I don’t eat breakfast and would be starving by the time I get to Melbourne.. Because I am not checking in luggage and can’t carry shampoo and conditioner, he would have bought all that for me before coming to pick me up. He would have even bought my favourite lemon and mint soap.

I cooked Nasi Lemak and satay chicken to take with me. Ideally he wouldn’t eat cold lunch. But he likes Nasi Lemak and will eat it without complaining. Then he will find a place for us to have a cappuccino and when he orders mine, he will ask for extra chocolate.

Right now, it is almost midnight and I am just so angry at myself..for being a stubborn mule.

I don’t know what the next few weeks hold in store me..don’t know when I will update either..

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  1. You seemed very happy for a long while. Hope he’s aware that you are planning to run away. My heart breaks for both of you really. Whatever decision you take, sending good thoughts for you. 🙂

  2. My general take on relationships is that, they need to be tested a bit longer for any sort of seriousness. Marriage is definitely far from the horizon. Most relationships start great and a good percent of them head south. Have u ever wondered, why such a great man is so available? So waiting is a great idea, departing or not. Hang in there, u have been on this road before, u will figure out.

    • Joan: I don’t have to wonder why such a great man is so available because I know that I am awesome..I am intelligent, well read and very good looking..just as I find it difficult to deal with idiots, so does he.. and when you find that one person who can compliment you, you go to any extent to be available.

  3. Dear Sarah, I have been following your blog since 2008. It has taken me through a degree certificate, relationships, relocation, marriage and now a beautiful baby. Im sure you have heard this countless times from different mouths, I feel like you are one in the family and a close friend. Whatever you wrote about your partner reminds me of my husband. And I firmly believe any man having the thought to buy your favourite lemon and mint soap is worth risking marriage for. After all it is just a piece of paper, legally binding. But one that is going to enable him to be physically with you. I understand you may feel differently, but whatever you do please don’t give up on the both of you!

    • Sharu: I got one thing wrong.. instead of lemon and mint, he bought raspberry and vanilla, because I did tell him once that my adopted daughter had bought it once and it smelled divine..He collected Manuka shampoo and conditioner from every hotel he stayed in NZ for me..and the best, he knew I love jade and bought me a jade the colour I like.. light translucent green..

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