Double standards

Sometimes it is the little things that shows you how prejudiced you are..

My son is on a mission to save money.. Every time I give him 10 $, he spends 8$ and deposit the 2$ in his bank. Yaya on the other hand will spend the full 10$ and more if she could ( often borrowing money from her youngest sister !)

Because of this, when they go out together, there is always complaints, the brother saying sister spending all the money and sister complaints brother is a Scrooge.

So finally I asked my son

“Why do you need so much money?”

“to buy a car” he replied

“But  you can buy a car for 700$ ( old junk of course)” I responded

“Nope, I want to buy a Merc” He replied

“For goodness sake, why?”

“Chick magnet Mom !!! Do you think girls will give me a chance if I am driving an old junk?”

“But, son, you shouldn’t be dating a girl because she likes your hot car, you should be dating a girl because she likes you for who you are”

Then I looked at Yaya and realized, I would really be a bit unhappy if she dated a guy who could only afford to buy an old junk and be a bit more happy if she dated a guy who owns a Merc. Hypocrite… that is me.


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