First let me explain how Gamsat works.

You have a full session of reasoning in humanities and social sciences.. here is where you find the most obscure poems and prose with even more obscure questions. 75 questions in 100 minutes.

Then you have a writing part, 2 essays in 60 minutes. ( there is no break between section 1 and 2 and you are not allowed to take any food/coffee etc , except a bottle of ‘clear’ water)

Then an hour break for lunch, followed by reasoning in biological and physical science..110 questions in 170 minutes.

As a doctor, I can assure you, there is nothing in this exam that tests your ability to study medicine. This test is designed in such a way that majority of the students who write will fail. For eg, there was  a set off questions calculating torque of the ankle joint. Never in my life as a doctor, I needed to calculate torque or even work with torque principles, but Acer, the company that runs these tests thinks, it is my thinking ability/analytical ability etc that will enable me to calculate torque and if I could do that, then Bravo !! I could get admission to do Medicine.

So, we now come to the title of this post.

So, How many times do you think I wrote this stupid exam?


3 times, I burned midnight oil, spent enormous amount of money ( fees for the test is exorbitant) suffered severe migraine after the exams and two times I had to tell my children and each and every friend/colleague/neighbour etc that I failed.

It was really easy for me to say OK, this tests are really hard and I am too old. I should just give up.

Years ago, someone taught me ” having choices doesn’t equate freedom, making decisions sets you free” Context of the quote was different then, however in this situation, I had plenty of choices to say I am not doing it, it is too hard, too difficult.too old, waste of time..But then I made the decision, that I will do this test till I pass, even if it meant I have to write in 100 times.

Today I am free to pursue my dreams. Imagine if I had quit after the first and the second time I failed!


14 thoughts on “So!

  1. Well done again Sarah! You are an inspiration! But, If I am too curious you can choose not to answer my question.. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to write the exam to get direct registration as GP given you already have a medical degree? Or,does doing GAMSAT allows you something the GP registration does not provide?Sorry, don’t have enough medical background, if my question is silly.


  2. Bravo Sarah! n thankyou so much for being such an awesome inspiration to us out here…. If you can, then why not me, right? 🙂

  3. Wow, I really do admire your determination! It must be frustrating to do something as hard as a medicine degree all over again. Good luck for the next four years (I’m assuming you’re doing graduate medicine), you’ll do amazing!

  4. You are amazing.
    I think that this is a story for all.We all tend to give up or give in listening to ourselves, our kith and kin, the media the wall paper whatever.
    You had the perseverance to stick with it and I am very happy for you.
    I am also happy that you think to share this with the world. It is a better place because of it.

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