Yaya and Baby go to the same school and they look exactly like identical twins.

They hate being compared to each other and each claims she is the better looking person than the other.

Everywhere Yaya goes, grade 8 kids ask her “Are you Baby’s sister?” and everywhere Baby goes the rest of the school, including the staff ask her ” Are you Yaya’s sister?”

In my defence, they have the same father !!!!!, which usually cracks up people when they tell me that my kids look exactly like each other.

This morning, both came out of their respective room wearing exactly the same kind of outfit, black and white stripped top and black jeans. ( top is from different brands and the stripes are different in the thickness)

I waited for the fireworks.

Yaya only noticed Baby’s outfit as they were leaving

“Oi, you are wearing the same thing as me, you better go and change?” she said to Baby

“I am not changing” I wore it first, etc were the arguments and counter arguments.

They had already missed the first three buses (karangifying instead of getting ready) when Yaya saw Baby’s outfit. But still Yaya chose to change her outfit, given the chance that she will miss the next bus and will be late for school.

“As it is everyone talk about us looking like twins mom, imagine what they will say if we wore same type of outfits.”

I didn’t say anything. But sometimes I do wonder about the first world problems my children have to deal with !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Personalities

  1. When they are older, they will be buying same kind of clothes and wearing it!
    😉 then you can remind them of this incident.

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