I have four groups of friends and family visiting me the next 3 weeks. Worst part of is, I completely forgot that Yaya has her exam block ( final exams for grade 11) starting next week. ( Yeah, I know I am hopeless, how can I not know when my child has her final exam?)

My house is a mess..

Back paddock was levelled last week, weather is very hot and there is no rain, so I can’t turf the levelled area and the slightest wind brings a dust storm inside the house.

I have so much work to do as well.

So, I won’t have time to blog every day..

Take care.

6 thoughts on “Away

  1. Arh, bcki Ireland. 3 yr , 1y girs. Back to work. Yes… life isnt that bad. :). How are you and kids. Tried to contact u alot, but no reply. So thought of commenting here. Hugs to all, love swathi

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