Supply and demand

A friend of mine who is half Mallu and half British told me this story. This happened when he was 17 years old and was doing his pre-degree in a prestigious college in Kerala ( many many moons ago). His mom was working as a missionary and one day the church Pathiri  phoned the mother and asked her to come to the church office immediately. The mother thought it must be something to do with her missionary work and went there and found the Pathiri walking back and forth in front of the church, anxiously waiting for the mother..

“Come with me” Said the Pathiri as soon as the mother reached the church gate.

And together the mother and the Pathiri walked towards the college where her son is studying. They walked and walked and finally they arrived at a place behind the ladies hostel. There was a huge jackfruit tree there and the Pathiri pointed up the tree. There on the tree is my friend, with a binoculars in one hand and  looking at the ladies hostel . and holding  a beedi in his other  hand.

The priest was smiling gleefully, because he caught the boy red handed and is now waiting eagerly for the mother to do the right thing.. Punish the boy.

Mother looked at the pathiri and told him “There is something called supply and demand, the girls must be supplying something that demands my son’s attention” And she went back home.

That evening, she told her son ” if you must smoke, then smoke cigarettes, not beedi, at least the filter might protect you from getting lung cancer in your 30’s”

Every time  my children do something naughty, I always remember this story. Had I been in my friend’s place, my mother would have skinned me alive, because Achante munnil nanam keduthi, nattukaru entho parayum? Ini njan enginaya ellarudeyum mugathu nokkunney? Ahankari, ethinano kashu chilavakki ninney okkey padippikkuney? ( She would have berated me for embarrassing her). Most parents forget that they too were once teenagers and have done a lot of naughty things.


6 thoughts on “Supply and demand

  1. Good one, reminds me of when I was 13, very interested in anatomy and getting caught with a copy of debonair (indian version of playboy) under my mattress
    My dad choose to ignore it, like it never happened, dont know if he discussed with my mom, as this subject never came up.

  2. Is that all to the story or were the girls really supplying scenes there?…Though I liked the cigarette comment, the first comment from his mom feels a little judgmental towards the girls… reminds me of the stories of cams installed in public bathrooms in Kerala by voyeurs who capture videos of unsuspecting ladies

    • Thumbi: There is a movie theatre in Bangalore, I think it is called Lido. Every time I went for a movie there, I wore jeans, because there were steps to go up to the theatre and guys used to hang around underneath hoping for a view.
      The mother was aware that the girls from the hostel sending letters to her sons through various sources ( paalu karan, cleaning lady etc). She also didn’t like the priest taking the role as a moral guardian. My friend told me that the binoculars were required to read the messages the girls were holding.
      Cams installed in public places to capture videos of unsuspecting public..not just ladies, but little boys and girls…they happen everywhere..not just in Kerala. my children and their friends do not go for swimming in South Bank ( streets beach) because they know there are people there taking videos

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