Francis Bacon wrote ” if mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain”

From Jan of this year, Yaya counted the days to her 16th birthday so she could apply for her L license. She went through all the questions and did the practice exams, bugged her classmates who didn’t apply for their license when they turned 16, drove my friend’s car at his station ( ranch), (absolutely  illegal).

Come 16 th birthday, there is no sign of her going for the L license exam. I waited few weeks and asked her “When are you applying for your L”

I have often wondered how many seconds it would take a normal person to turn to a banshee. In her case, it was less than a second and she screamed at me and told me ” Mom, because you bugged me, I am not getting the L now. I will get it when I feel like it”

What I wanted to do was to do a ping pong her face..( I knew a Chinese Malaysian mother who used to slap her child on either side of the face alternating and called the punishment   ping pong your face), But I am the mother here and much as she annoyed me very much, I kept quiet.

Honestly speaking, at that moment I thought, I don’t give a rat’s ass if she gets her license or not and left it as it is.

But the thing is, I don’t know why she didn’t want to get her license, the only thing I can think of is that she is afraid. Perhaps the whole growing up thing is scaring her, perhaps it is the responsibilities that she will have to take up when she sits behind the wheel that is terrifying her. However, right now is the best time to get the L, go for lessons and get the P license. Next year, she will be very busy with her studies and it is much easier to get the license in your home country than in a strange land with strange laws ( there are no 4 way streets in Australia 🙂  )

Yaya is going on a student exchange to Mexico next month and I thought I would apply for a credit card for her. One of the requirements for that is a driver’s license. ( proof of identification). When I spoke to the customer service officer, she told me, without a license, there is no way Yaya can get a credit card. rogi, vaidyan and paalu..

I didn’t tell Yaya that without a license, she isn’t going to get a credit card. Instead, I told Yaya, I would like to apply for a credit card for her and she was very excited and we went to the post office to lodge the proof of identity. Her passport gave 50 points, but she still needed another 50. The lady at the counter asked Yaya ” Have you got a license?” Yaya shook her head.

“Without a license, you can’t lodge the proof of identity” She told Yaya.

Yaya is going for her L exam this weekend 🙂

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