No clothes to wear

Yaya has no clothes to wear. ( For a fashionista, that is nothing short of a major disaster)

Weekends are my laundry days. I have a sign in the laundry room that says, If you do not put your clothes for wash by Friday night, it will not be washed that weekend.

Older two works on Saturday and then they go to their friend’s place or go for a movie  etc after work and I have to wait for them to get back, so I can do the laundry. It is winter now and the clothes won’t dry in time and I have to use the dryer. I am a pishukki and don’t want to use the dryer unless it is absolutely necessary. All they have to do is to put their laundry basket in the laundry room. My son and baby does that. But not Yaya. She didn’t do it two weeks ago and last week had to resort to wearing leggings instead of jeans. That should have made her put her clothes for wash this Friday? She didn’t. Instead, she went to thrift shop and bought new clothes. This morning I saw Yaya wearing the clothes she bought from the thrift shop and asked

” Are you wearing those clothes without washing them?”

“What is wrong with it?” She asked very sassily

“Nothing wrong with it, but if the person who wore that dress last had some communicable disease, then you might get it, but don’t worry except for TB most of the communicable diseases are curable”

She was out of the dress faster than you could say Jack Robinson.

She wore her younger sister’s clothes to school. But it won’t go on for too long because her sister likes to wear cartoon tees  ( read Pokémon) and shorts and that is something that doesn’t fit in to Yaya’s world of fashion.

Sometimes, it is so much fun to see how your children will try to push the boundaries you have set for them..

2 thoughts on “No clothes to wear

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I have been following your blog for over 7 years now.. Many of your posts about growing up the kids and setting the standards are very inspiring and many time I have followed your rules with my 6 yr old daughter too.. 🙂 Now I am with another one, going to be 1 year old.. Keep going Sarah.. There would surely be many people like me, waiting to hear from you and your ideas and experiences help at some point in their lives..
    There have been many occations when I had to deal with my elder one and suddenly some thing that I have read in your blog comes to my mind.. Many bad times thru life also, your life is a motivation to go forward.. Thanks for the wonderful blog .. I am not a person with reading habit and daofto is the only thing I read…

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