After searching for the name of a movie for the past 22 years, Yesterday I finally found it.

It was the first English movie Beautiful Eyes and I watched together. ( Geetanjali was our first movie, but it was in Telugu). I can’t remember the name of the Theatre. It was close to where Deepam silks is now on MG road.

I have hardly watched much English movies prior to going to Bangalore and didn’t know any of the actors. But, I was watching a movie with my boyfriend. Trust me, for an 18 year old there was nothing more special than a moment like this. Dark theatres = plenty of kisses as well, so I don’t remember much of the story line, except there was a scene in the movie when the cop and the trail guide meets a bear. It was the first time I saw a  a brown  bear, that too a big one. Until then I have only seen those tiny black bears you see in circus/travelling road shows.

I have asked every one of my friends of my age if they remember watching a movie with a bear in it. How to find a movie without knowing the title or the actors?

Yesterday was another one of those days where I couldn’t sleep and I thought I would search for the movie on google. I searched for black actors acting as a cop in the 80’s and other combinations and I finally found the movie.

Shoot to kill. ( I can’t believe that I didn’t know Sidney Poitier acted in it)

I heard on telly last night while watching Criminal Minds ” death ends a life, but not a relationship” ( Mitch Albom)

And I will live the rest of my days with the memory that I was once loved.. very much.

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  1. That is a very nice thought!!
    Death cannot be the end, right.. just seems too abrupt..there has to be more to it. Love transcends everything- even death. You will always be loved…very much!

    • MS: the trouble is..the void he left behind is huge..and sometimes I just want someone to close that it hurts less.

  2. I think it was BRV ?
    The others were Liberty, Plaza, Rex and Imperial on MG Rd.. Further down was Lido showing English movies

        • MK: Let us walk. Cauvery emporium signal light in the corner between MG and Brigade road . Guys selling dried wood rose flower arrangement used to be in that corner. Bandbox dry cleaners is the next shop after Cauvery., but you are not walking down that road. You are crossing Brigade road to the other side. There used to be a huge silk showroom there, you could see mannequins wearing silk shirts. After the silk shop, there was a thattu kada, then there was a small alley ( Now you are walking on MG) There was a tee shirt seller who used to display tee shirts in that alley. I used to buy mine there. Sometimes, there was also an old books seller. After the alley, there was a shop with marble steps in front. Then there was a household stuff shop that sold steel pathram etc. One more thattukada that sold pan and the best joint money could buy and the theatre was right there. Dark dingy entrance. The seats were red velvet.

        • Kumar: Blue fox was a dance club, was it not? I remember going for dinner and dance there..but it was way up on MG road, after that antique shop that sells statues of Ganesha and even the Deccan Herald office and the photo studio.. there was a small alley and Blue fox was kind of in a semi circle building at the end of the alley

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