The reluctant child

The best part of eidetic memory is that I know exactly where everything is and notice the slightest change. I have an ” in tray” at home for my children to place all the letters and forms that are sent from their school. Yesterday I noticed that the papers have been moved and without a doubt I knew my youngest child has tried to hide a consent form between the old and new forms in the tray.

Her school runs a program called Brainways ( for gifted and talented children) and she is often selected by the teacher to attend the program. She doesn’t want to do it and hides the consent form from me.

I don’t know why she doesn’t want to attend. I tried asking her for the reason. She said “it is really boring” ( My son used to wait for the beginning of each semester, so he could attend Brainways) I refuse to force her to attend a program she doesn’t want to attend. But there is always a niggling I doing the right thing?

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