Last Friday was supposed to be like any other Friday. Yaya usually go out with her friends either to South Bank or watch a movie  after school. But until now, every Friday at 3 O’clock, she would call me and let me know where she is going and what time she will get home. I don’t have any problems with her going out with her friends, but I would like to be told where she would be, for emergencies.

There was no phone call from Yaya last Friday.

I contemplated calling her, but if she was watching a movie, then she will be really annoyed to answer my phone call. I also didn’t want to come across as a paranoid annoying mother. ( which I am)

Around 6 pm, she called me to tell me that she is on the bus and will be home shortly.

From 4 till 6, I imagined all the worst case scenarios. What I really wanted to do was to scream at the top of my voice and scold Yaya when she got back home, because only I know how much worried I was. But the thing is, about this time next year, she is planning to backpack around Europe on her own. I need to learn to let her go. The rule I had, that my children would call me if they are going to be late to come home is a good rule, so long as both sides agree to it. But as my children grow up, I have learned that, they have a mind of their own and are not going to follow all my rules. I must evolve.

2 thoughts on “Evolving.

  1. The way you have written ‘evolving’ seems easy and harmless, but it is really tough to do. I too am a paranoid and annoying mom..letting go is going to be hard. 🙁

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