Few weeks ago, my son wrote the scholarship exam for another school and was asked to come for an interview. It was on a Saturday morning and baby has basketball games on Saturday morning.  My daughter couldn’t miss her game because two other kids were sick that day and if she didn’t go, her teammates would have had no sub. Without a sub, the girls will have to play the entire game without taking a break.

As a single mother, I can’t be in two different places at the same time, so I dropped my son to the school where he was to attend the interview and took baby for the game. There were few other kids waiting for their interview, all of them had both their parents with then. I hate moments like this and felt really upset. I wanted to be with my son and offer moral support.

My son was asked during his interview, ” where are your parents?” and he replied “my mom has to take my youngest sister for her basketball game”

I think the answer that got him the scholarship was , when they asked him “if you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?” and my son replied ” Hunger, we have enough resources for every person on earth, yet 7.6 million children die every year because of starvation. I would like to change that for I believe no child should die because they had no food”

I couldn’t be with my son when he needed me the most. But I think I did make an impact in his life, by opening his mind to possibilities at the same time being mindful of those around him.

He got the scholarship with the option that he can leave the school if he chose to at any time without having to pay back the scholarship money. ( so history won’t repeat 🙂 )

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  1. Congrats!! My mind was going back to that time when he got the scholarship and you interrupted your vaca to let us know that he had got in and boy! were you excited! And then you came back and said that he had refused because of the lack of flexibility to leave! And you took it in stride.

    Well, hopefully now he will accept. The fact that he gets accepted it self is great. I am sure he will have great success in life!!

    • MS: I was worried that again we will face the same situation as before. He did ask at the time of interview, if there is any requirement that he must complete grade 12 at the school or be forced to pay back the fees and they said, he is free to leave any time and don’t have to pay back the money. He accepted the scholarship.

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