Sometimes, however smart you are, it is best to shut up.

Yaya had to do a self portrait as part of her visual arts project. She had to take a photo of herself and then draw the portrait, cataloguing the process. Yaya is a very pretty girl and chose to pose for a photo as if someone had punched her. One cheek puffed up and the eye half closed. I really wanted to ask her, What is wrong in posing for a normal photo? Why all the goshti? She was very proud of her portrait photo and much as I wanted to tell her to take a decent selfie of herself, I kept quiet.

She completed her portrait few days ago and I haven’t seen it. A friend of mine went for the school open day and called me to say, the arts department has chosen Yaya’s portrait as sample work by students to display and everyone is amazed as to how well she has done the portrait.

My son’s mechatronics project is also there as part of the display. He chewed my brain for days and was mad at me for not helping him. Eventually he designed a robotic crane system and is representing the school for the young ICT competition end of this month.

As a mom, it is really great to see my children’s work being chosen for display. But what is more important here is, had I played any hand in this, I would have most likely messed it all up for the kids. My idea of art is perfectionism, and Yaya’s portrait has been chosen because she took the chance to be not perfect. If I had helped my son with his mechatronics, it wouldn’t have been a crane system.

I am just so glad that I didn’t influence my children’s thinking process..

2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Congrats!! To the kids for doing well, following their hearts and mind and efforts that went in..
    Congrats!! To you for “shutting up” and letting them find their way!
    I know that as a parent it takes great effort to let go, so that too is an achievement. 🙂

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