Life in times of world cup

Last night all three of my kids woke up at 1.30 AM to watch Germany vs Portugal game with me. 4 years ago, I tried to get them to watch the world cup final. They were 12, 10 and 8 years old then and slept through most part of the game. This time, they knew the names of all the German and Portugal players, they knew the statistics etc.

Next world cup, I will only have my youngest child home. ( Yaya will be 20 years old and my son will be 18)

I am feeling miserable..

4 thoughts on “Life in times of world cup

  1. Is this the empty nester’s syndrome.. feeling bad before it is here.. just by the mere thought!!
    Isn’t this the cycle of life and what each parent wants?! I know it is hard.
    But this is wonderful..this is how it is supposed to be.. so (don’t hate me for this ;)) ..just suck it up.. You do not own them, they are just caterpillars in the process of becoming beautiful butterflies. You are “Trustee”, not an “Owner”.

    • bipin: Nah, it is not loneliness.. I like my solitude.. right now, I have all three of my children home… while they grow their wings to fly out of my nest, I lose the feathers of my wings..nothing can replace those feathers

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