Oh dear me


(Kids enjoying the view from Venice beach CA)

I consider myself to be a really good driver. After all I have driven  through the autobahn, NSE across M’sia, Alaska highway and most of Australian highways. But nothing, I repeat nothing has prepared me for driving in US.

Being the mad woman that I am, I thought I will head to San Diego from LA on thanksgiving weekend. I assumed it would be like my usual morning surfing trip from home to Gold Coast. Happily I clicked the destination on my Gps and followed the instructions only to find myself in a maze with cars zipping in and out of lanes at high speed. I had no idea what the speed limit was, I couldn’t remember the formula to convert Miles to KM, there were so many lane merging and exits. I also had the habit of veering to the right and my son was constantly telling me ” mom you are too close to the line”. But we made it to San Diego and back. I am getting a hang of driving on the wrong side.

We visited Disney Land.  I was a bit skeptical about going to Disney Land in winter, but it turned out to be an awesome trip. I loved the Christmas theme decorations and the castle looked magnificent. My favourite ride is the Star Wars ride and apparently there are 54 versions of the ride and I would love to see them all eventually. Kids loved soaring over California the most and we went on it 12 times! I hate roller coaster rides, but after hearing too many times what a chicken I am, I decided to go on all the rides Including the roller coaster. I closed my eyes and the ride didn’t  scare me.


More updates later

2 thoughts on “Oh dear me

  1. I wasn’t prepared to see your kids all to be such grown-ups :D. Specially the one you call baby. You have mentioned their age but I guess I never processed that. Sweet.

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