Man in the bus stop

He sits there all day, with a shopping trolley that holds all his worldly belongings. It was Thanksgiving day yesterday and I wondered where his family was? I wondered what made him give up on life? What made him stop fighting to live?

What was different in his and my destiny that gave me a chance to sit with my children and enjoy a great thanksgiving dinner while he sat alone on a wet and cold evening?

Every time my children told me that I am not being fair, I always told them life isn’t fair, though I never realised how unfair life really is.

Yesterday, as I parked the car, I looked for the man, his trolley was still there and I knew he was there huddled beneath the tarp that protects him from the rain…In the end, he and I will still inherit out share of 6 sq feet…but while I wait to get mine, he sits there to remind me that I had a better stroke of luck and that I should count every bit of my blessings.

One thought on “Man in the bus stop

  1. 🙂 I see that Thanksgiving sentiment is in full force!!

    Hope you had a great vegan dinner.. Hinduism says that we are all bound by our karma. While your struggles are different than his, we all work towards the same goal…Nirvana (according to the philosophy)..

    Meanwhile, enjoy US!!

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