Almost halfway

When I was 10 years old, I won the quiz competition at my school, which was surprising to me and most of my teachers because I was considered deaf dumb and blind. What I remember the most about the competition was the final question that clinched my victory. The question was about the tallest trees in the world and I knew they were redwood trees. I  felt so good knowing something so trivial. Over the years, I read everything about redwood trees and always wanted to see them.

Yosemite national park was the place I wanted to visit. It was snowing and tire chains were mandatory . I have never used tire chains and had no idea how to install them. I parked my car near the entrance and opened the tire chain box to read the instruction manual. Fortunately a trucker felt sorry for me and installed the tire chains for me.

I got to see both the giant sequoias and the coastal redwood trees.

Also the half dome rock formation..

image Coastal redwood trees.



Giant sequoias



My kids enjoying the snow.



Half dome formation.

So far we have been to San Diego, LA (Venice , Santa Monica, Manhattan beach, Sunset blvd, Beverly Hills, UCLA, Disney land) Pismo beach to see the migrating Monarch butterflies, San Louis Obispo to watch the Christmas parade, San Francisco, Stanford,  Yosemite national park and now in Las Vegas.





6 thoughts on “Almost halfway

  1. awesome!! I see that you got UCLA and Stanford in.. When you get to the east coast, check out Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Yale and UPenn!!

  2. Love you for the things you do and make possible. I think I get to learn something from you each time you go places. The last time I was so inspired was when you went to Yukon. Oh, the places you go :).

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