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Yesterday when I got back home at 9.30 after Yaya’s basketball practice, as soon as I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was the dining table.  It was set and dinner was ready. The house was very quiet and I couldn’t find my aunt and uncle, which was very odd. I checked the bedrooms, the washrooms and finally found them in the pergola. Both of them were sitting in the pergola, with their legs crossed and praying silently. ( They are Buddhists and my aunt chants Om mani padme hum 1000 times every day)

I have a small statue of Buddha in the pergola. I bought it  for no particular reason. I didn’t think of my relatives when I bought it, but it made them very happy.

Same time last year, I had my relatives from Kerala staying with me. We always eat our dinner at 7 pm ( except when my kids have sports practice) and because that, I often do not let the children eat a heavy snack when they come back home from school. So by 7, they are famished.. On the first day of their stay, when I served dinner at 7 pm as usual, my cousin declared ” we should pray before dinner” My kids rolled their eyes. Then they asked for the bible. We don’t have a bible at home. My relatives were scandalized. Then they wanted to sing hymns. My children don’t know any hymns. I was given a lecture of how irresponsible I was. And then the prayers included weeping, pleading and begging and it went on and on. While the prayers continued, my children  decided to eat, because there was no end in sight for the prayer session and they were really hungry. They also had to do their homework.

I was given another lecture as to how to show respect  and treat my guests.

I don’t understand why Indians act this way.

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  1. My husband is a Hindu and I am a Christian. Luckily for us no one asks or talks anything regarding religion, prayers or anything – they don’t know how sensitive the topic is. When I say that I don’t go to the church on Sundays, they assume it is because of him. Hardly anyone knows that I don’t go because I don’t believe in the church.

      • My cousin reaches home from office pretty late. Around 11:00 or 12:00. He then expects a kudumba prarthana. Luckily the kids are exempted. What about the poor wife who is waiting for him without dinner, and had to wake up early so that she can cook (elaborately btw) before she goes to work. I tell her that it is her fault. Compared to the rest of her issues, like her in-laws etc, this is nothing. She just doesn’t get that she had to take care of herself too.

    • Lux: Haven’t you heard about karanju yachichu prarthikkanam, ennaley daivam prarthana kelkkothollu? It wasn’t prayer before dinner, it was kudumba prarthana/ sandhya namaskaram before dinner..

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