A son for life.

I met my cousin ( My aunt’s son) when he was 10, although I was only 23 at that time, I considered him to be like my own son. I hoped then that one day I will have a boy of my own and he will be like my cousin, for my cousin was the sweetest boy I ever met until then. He is the only son of his parents, very gentle and even tempered. He never got angry, never spoke back to his parents and was very loving. Mother’s day and Father’s day at their house was a big event. The three of them ( father, mother and son) did everything together and every year they went to new places for their holidays. I can still see him walking in the middle with his mother and father on either side.

A year ago, he met a lovely girl and they bought a house of their own. He moved out on mother’s day ! Though he lives 15 km away from his parents house, he never has time to visit his parents. And even when he  comes home, he stays in his room with his girl..

Yesterday while we were sitting outside and talking, my son came to me to give me my goodnight kiss. ( To this day, my son has never gone to bed without giving me a goodnight kiss) My aunt started to cry, because her son used to do the same.

My aunt said to me ” You know, there is a Chinese proverb, you lose a son when he marries a girl and gains a son when your daughter get married”

I know my aunt and uncle miss their son very much and I know this is a stage in life.. I also know soon my boy too will leave home and I will feel the same way.. If only life was simple..

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  1. My husband behaves that way too to some extent. He rarely visits his parents, I visit them more often. And even if we go, he spends all the time in his room, even though I am outside with his mother, trying to make amends. Even if he comes outside they end up fighting over something. Now I let them do whatever they want-none of my business.

    • URT: The girl my cousin is living with is a lovely person. I adore her. My aunt is a practicing Buddhist and is a gem of a lady. But the two of them don’t have any common ground. I want to have a better relationship with the girl my son brings home..

    • aarti: It is a complicated case..depends on if the girl has a PR in Singapore and if the marriage was registered in Sing. I would approach ISKCON in Sing for advice.

  2. Sarah, there was a news item that children abandon their mothers at Guruvayur Temple precincts. The old women are lured by their children on the pretext of praying at the Lord Krishna temple and leave them there and escape. Around 300 such mothers are seen helplessly moving around cursing their fate.

  3. i dnt think its fair to see it in this light,even girls aftr marriage will spend more time with their husband,,its a new person in life and they need to knw each other better..parents will not divorce their kids! being a dil is equally hard

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